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Project screen and Epson Project Projector Jinan Station: Light and Shadow

by:XY Screens     2021-09-11
On July 20, 2012, the light and shadow experience event co-hosted by Epson Engineering Projector and Snowhite Screen was grandly opened in Jinan. The experience exhibition was co-organized by Epson Engineering Machinery Jinan Agent Jinan Video Technology Co., Ltd. The experience exhibition was grandly staged in the idyllic village at the foot of the scenic Phoenix Mountain in Jinan. The newly developed 3D arc projection system and rear projection fusion system were exhibited. , 4K nano high-definition screen, etc. The activity is divided into two parts: free experience, technical exchange and lucky draw at dinner. Many industry customers, distributors and media were invited to participate in the experience meeting. Leaders such as Guo Yushan, general manager of Jinan Golden Video Co., Ltd., Huang Shaobai, manager of Epson projector department, and Yue Biao, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Projection Display Technology Co., Ltd. attended the meeting and shared their knowledge of the market, industry, and related project projections. Especially the project screen-related knowledge given by Mr. Yue Biao from the projection company, the participants said that it has high practical value in actual engineering projects. In this event, the magnificent 3D projection system and smart cinema, and the new 4K nano screen, as always, became the most eye-catching highlights in this event. The displayed products represent the most advanced technology products in the field of high-end engineering screens. The high evaluation confirms the brand's leading position in the engineering screen industry. 3D curved smart cinema system display scene rear projection fusion hard screen interpretation scene 200-inch fast folding screen display scene Mr. Yue Biao, the vice president of the projection company, explained the knowledge of engineering screens on the scene and took a group photo with the participants
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