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Project the screen, take care of your eyes! ! !

by:XY Screens     2021-09-03
The National Health Commission released a group of adolescent myopia survey results this year. The data show that the overall myopia rate of children and adolescents in my country reached 53.6% in 2018, that is, one in every two children is myopia. It is predicted that by 2020, my country's short-sighted population over 5 years old will reach 700 million. In children and adolescents who are prone to myopia, taking correct preventive measures and maintaining healthy eyesight is what each of us must do. However, with the development of electronic products, many children have been exposed to electronic products frequently since they were young, leading to a trend of younger age of myopia year by year. This has made many parents worried, worried that their children's long-term viewing of electronic products will affect their vision health, and they are afraid that they will deprive their children of childhood fun.   Diffuse reflection, not hurt the eyes. Unlike the direct light of LCD TV, the projector adopts the reflected light imaging method, and the light is seen by our eyes after passing through the projection screen. This diffuse reflection imaging can reduce light irritation to human eyes. The light will be softer when projecting large-size images, which is very helpful for protecting eyesight. The projector can easily project a 100-inch large screen. When watching a large-size projection screen, you will not stare at one point of the screen, and your eyeballs can remain flexible instead of keeping a posture for a long time like staring at a small-size screen. , Will not make the eyes too tired, which is also conducive to protecting eyesight.  Snowhite has projection screens of different types and specifications. The immersive experience provided by its projection screens can relieve visual fatigue when watching movies. Adopting the principle of diffuse reflection imaging, the projection screen is not energized and has no radiation. The image is reflected by the projection screen and enters the human eye for imaging. It is as comfortable, healthy, natural and not hurting the eye as a natural scene reflected in the sun. Even if you look closely for a long time, you won't feel tired.
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