projecting the future: same dead frog less mess document cameras can do a lot more than you\d think

projecting the future: same dead frog. less mess. document cameras can do a lot more than you\'d think. they can allow a class of students to see a live dissection of a frog while keeping their hands clean.

by:XY Screens     2020-02-23
If 10 science teachers from the newly created BronxY.
This spring, high schools want to showcase the internal work of amphibians, and they will not be hindered by the fact that the school does not have a fully equipped scientific laboratory.
With the delivery of the $32,000 rolling science cart, the teachers will have the highest --
Highly Available technical data capture, drawing and display tools
Students majoring in science at school
A trolley created by a technical solution and funded by the Bronx district presidential office will allow teachers to dissect a frog on a document camera, projecting the entire anatomy onto a wall, TV or full-color screen.
A drop of blood can be examined under a microscope, and the image is also projected for all to see.
The chemistry teacher will have probes such as temperature, oxygen and speed for her to use in order to capture the data when the data is generated.
Using a hand-held IPAC computer in a trolley, students can draw data charts, transfer data back to a PC on a scientific trolley, and compare their charts with those made by classmates.
Ira Gelernter, information technology consultant at the Bronx High School, said: \"A real science lab will take hundreds of thousands of dollars to assemble . \".
\"This year, we have opened 10 new schools in the Bronx, most of which are in large school buildings.
These schools don\'t necessarily have their own science labs, so while this won\'t replace everything that real science labs can do, it\'s the second good thing.
\"The core part of the rolling scientific trolley is the Lumen document camera, a device that captures all the images, from the frog part to the cells under the microscope, with text on paper, and allow them to be displayed on the display, on the computer screen, or on the wall.
Document cameras and many input and output devices connected to them are K-
There are 12 classrooms in the country.
With the addition of features and features, as well as the reduction in price and size, these devices are migrating from just replacing the projector to connection IV.
A classroom with a wall outside.
The impressive evolutionary recording camera is also known as a visual presenter by ELMO Mfg, one of the industry\'s leading manufacturers. Corp.
The invention was invented in the late 1970 s when television began to be used in the classroom.
\"A lot of people are using projectors.
One day someone had a good idea to install the camera and point it to a document and describe it on TV, \"said Carmen Aiken, a sales representative in Tampa, Florida. -
Based on audio-visual innovation, it provides audio-visual services to school districts and enterprises all over the country.
Since then, the document camera has developed dramatically;
Like most technologies, new models with more features are introduced every year.
Now both analog and digital document cameras have been sold.
The simulation is cheaper but not suitable for displaying a large amount of fine informationprint text.
The zoom function continues to evolve, with a magnification of up to 80 times for some machines, equivalent to the mini-microscopes.
Other new features include additional input and output ports, as well as compatibility with devices such as microscopy, scientific probes, and computers.
These devices can be used to enter an image or data to be displayed.
Output destinations can include video recorders, computers, projectors, and the Internet, which can bring the displayed objects or data to classrooms of any other similar device, or to computers on the other end of the world.
Many document cameras are also equipped with a bottom light so that traditional transparent film can be used.
Another major improvement in document cameras in recent years has been the ability to digitally capture images, such as photos placed on a device bed and save them to a computer or disk.
With the example of anatomical frogs, the teacher can basically take a photo of each stage of the process, save the picture, and then play it back as a demo for the next lesson, print it out, or e-mail them.
In addition to science, there are other classroom applications for document cameras.
Because they allow the teacher to project images of anything on the screen, from newspapers to paintings, they can be used to show items that may be too fragile, whether it is dangerous or expensive to bypass the mother.
\"In a store, if the teacher asks the student to do the welding, one of the students does a very good job, then the teacher can put that real metal on the file camera and point out the aspect of doing well, \"said Aaron Marinari, product manager for Epson AV group.
At Churchwell Elementary School in Lakeland, Florida.
Media expert Jennifer Miller used a document camera in the library to teach students dictionary skills.
But every afternoon, the school\'s ELMO document camera is used more subtly.
The file camera is located in the main office and connected to the school-
Cable TV network.
At the time of dismissal, the teachers in the classroom will adjust their
Broadcast TV to the specified TV station, each color
Call the encoded bus route and place the corresponding picture of the bus on the document camera.
In each classroom, students can look at the screen to see if their bus has been called.
This implementation underlines the belief of Howard Winch, national sales manager at ELMO, who says, \"the app [
For document camera]
Not completely in the classroom.
The only real limitation is the imagination of the person who owns it.
\"He should say, imagination and budget.
While the cost of the projector is only $100, the cheapest document camera for classroom use is close to $1,400.
The price can be as high as $7,000, and in order to take full advantage of the features of the document camera, additional devices such as projectors, monitors, computers or other devices are often required.
\"In a typical environment, the cost is still too high to put one in each classroom,\" said David Antal, president of Long Island massake --
Based on technology.
Although they become more and more common in university classrooms, Winch estimates only 15% to 20% K-
The 12 classes have Document cameras available to them, and only the \"very small\" number of classes have demo systems that are permanently installed.
The rest usually use portable document cameras and projectors, usually-
A simpler version of the Bronx High School rolling science trolley.
Considering that even a low
The price of the terminal document camera is 10 times that of the projector, and last year ELMO sold more than 30,000 projectors with only about 17,000 document cameras, which is not surprising.
So if your region doesn\'t have the ability to keep the cutting edge of technology, why splurge?
The future, Winch said.
Distance learning is expected to become the \"killer application\" of document cameras in education \";
When combined with other video conferencing equipment, the document camera will allow the science experiment or course being taught in Kansas to be presented vividly and truly
Time in Kalamazoo
Technology procurement decisions need to take into account the future, says Winch, and administrators will think, \"If we end up with funding and invest in a distance learning system, we can communicate electronically with the world.
\"Indirect fees only allow you to communicate with your classroom,\" he said . \".
Schools that consider purchasing document cameras should know in advance how the device is used-
This is of great help in determining which model is suitable for this situation.
Features that should be considered, and features that can be compared between models, including the resolution of the image, the zoom power of the camera, the number and type of input and output ports, the amount of memory in which images are captured and downloaded, and the rate at which images are refreshed on the screen.
The document camera is relatively maintenance free and users can easily replace the light bulb.
However, it is important that some manufacturers provide timely replacement of damaged or damaged equipment, as teachers soon begin to rely on the technology.
The suppliers here are some for K-
Area 12: Canon, www. usa. canon.
Doken, www. dukane. com Eiki, www. eiki. com ELMO, www. elmousa. Epson, www. epson. com JVC, www. jvc.
Com/pro Samsung, www.
Samsungpresenter. com Sony, www. sony.
Rebecca, rdsausner @ Yahoo.
Com, a freelance writer based in Brooklyn, New York. Y.
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