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[Projection effect increased by a hundred times, four steps to buy home screens]

by:XY Screens     2021-11-07
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More and more people have bought their own projectors and set up home theaters at home. After the initial bubble forum and field survey, I believe it is not difficult to choose a projector that meets your requirements and is cost-effective. Because after all, under the same budget, there are generally no more than five competing products.

However, unlike a TV, a projector requires a series of speakers, power amplifiers and screens to cooperate to achieve the best results. This is also one of the difficulties that the projector is still difficult to popularize. The problem also arises. The choice of the projector screen is the most troublesome for most players, because how to determine the screen type, installation size and location, and what material to use to select the brand is very complicated, and I don't know where to start. Today I will start from scratch and briefly talk about the selection of home theater screens.
The first step: the choice of curtain form
In terms of installation methods, the curtains are mainly divided into hanging screens, bracket screens, folding screens and floor curtains. At present, the home is mainly hanging, and the hanging is divided into frame screen and retractable screen.

Typical picture frame screen
The so-called framed curtain, as the name implies, the curtain is fixed on the wall like an oil painting. Use an aluminum frame to make a frame similar to a picture frame, and then buckle the spring on the curtain to make the curtain flat. This is the simplest type of screen setup, all you need to do is fix it to the wall. The advantage is that it is flat and much cheaper than the electric cable screen. The disadvantage is that it can not be collected, it is easy to be dust and polluted, and it is easy to oxidize and change color when exposed to the air for a long time. This is also the biggest drawback of this type of screen, because once installed, the position cannot be changed. The fixed installation of the projection screen also has the advantage that it is usually not prone to wrinkles, which can maintain a smooth and flat projection surface. This kind of screen is suitable for friends who have a dedicated audio-visual room and don't usually need to put the screen away.

The electric screen used by most friends
Another retractable screen can be manual or electric motor controlled lifting (electric screen). The advantages of manual screens are cheap price and easy installation. It can be considered when the quality of the screen is not high. The disadvantage is that during long-term use, 'V'-shaped ripples will appear due to the central pull-down force, which affects the flatness of the screen. And for home users, it is difficult to ensure that the screen is placed in the same position every time, which affects the picture effect.
The electric screen is the most common among all kinds of products that everyone sees. The advantage is that it has good flatness and easy maintenance. The screen is evenly lowered by the motor from both ends to ensure that the screen is not affected by external forces. It has easy lifting and easy installation. It can maintain the flatness of the curtain for a long time, and it will not produce ripples after long-term use. The biggest disadvantage of this type of screen is the price, it is usually much more expensive than other types of screens, but people are still happy to use this type, after all, it is worth the money.
Electric cord screen
Among the electric screens, what we must mention is the electric wire-pull screen. This kind of screen is the most expensive in household grade. It adds a tension line on each side of the electric screen to flatten the level of the screen, while the upper and lower sides use a heavy lower edge to increase the strength. Its advantage is of course that it is flat (flat screen is very important and requires a lot of tension), and it can be stowed, and the structure of the whole screen is very strong and very textured.

Electric cable screen
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