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Projection market: innovative technology enhances the competitiveness of traditional projectors

by:XY Screens     2021-09-06
Nowadays, projectors are gradually being known and accepted by more and more consumers. Products are no longer limited to the business and education projector market. The market team of home projectors, micro projectors and engineering projectors is also expanding. With the continuous innovation of technology, the problems of short lamp life and long shutdown time that existed in traditional lamp projector products in the past are quietly changing, and it seems that the projector market should have new changes. Close and go. Nowadays, efficient office has become the consensus of many industries, and office equipment with cumbersome operation is no longer popular. So nowadays, when purchasing, most users start to choose projectors with functions such as 'automatic search signal, automatic keystone correction, and 'one-key fix'. It is not surprising that projectors that meet these functions have already appeared. ASK Business Education Projector C3270 However, with the continuous improvement of user needs, the above conditions are no longer met. Especially the emergence of new light sources makes the projector truly convenient. There is no need to shut down the projector like traditional lamp projectors. It takes a long time to wait for the heat to dissipate. In order to break this drawback, in recent years, projector engineers have begun to add the off-and-go function to traditional lamp projectors to meet fast-paced business people and some people with special needs. Judging from the product lines currently on the market, the off-and-go function is 'flowering' in the business projector market, and the product line of home projectors has also begun to add this function. For example, brands such as ASK, ACTO, BenQ, and Ricoh, The new products launched this year have added this function. And through the projection era network experience, the turn-off function is also very practical. ASK's newly launched C3270 business education projector this year has the instant-on-go function, through actual experience If it is in normal mode, you need to wait for 90 seconds after shutting down. When it is set to 0 seconds to shut down, it only takes 8 seconds to shut down, which provides users with great convenience. And BenQ Short Focus HD 3D The home projector W770ST has the function of turning off and on, making the traditional bulb home projector as inconvenient as watching a TV. It can be said that there is no need to change the user's habits. Through actual testing, it is necessary to wait when it is shutting down. About 80 seconds, when the quick cooling function is turned on, it takes only 3 seconds to shut down, which is the same as the time required to shut down a TV, and it also takes the same time as the new light source projector to shut down. It’s not a new technology. , But its practicality is understandable, and it is also changing people’s habit of using traditional bulb projectors. However, there are still some problems with this item. For example, once this function is set, although it is convenient, but if you want When you turn it on immediately, you need to wait longer, and it is difficult to guarantee whether the lamp life can maintain the nominal life value when used frequently. Therefore, while bringing convenience, manufacturers need to be more perfect to make it reach practical significance. The 10,000-hour life lamp is the only consumable for the projector. Its life span directly affects the user's later maintenance cost. Although the current projector price continues to decline, the replacement of a lamp can be as little as a few hundred to as many as thousands of dollars. This is for ordinary household consumption. It is not a small expense for a small company or a small company. Therefore, more and more people are paying great attention to the service life of the lamp when buying a projector. BenQ’s latest 10,000-hour traditional mercury lamp projector product is designed to cater to consumption In recent years, the service life of the new projector bulbs released by manufacturers has also been increasing, and they have added free energy-saving technology to extend the service life of their products. At the end of last year, NEC announced abroad that it will launch a new M series of commercial education Projector, the main selling point is It has a long life, and the longest lifespan of the new products has reached 10,000 hours. It can be said that it not only saves users a lot of later use costs, but also takes a big step for the energy-saving and environmental protection of the projector market. But up to now, the M series of business education projectors released by NEC have not appeared in China, and relevant foreign media have not made follow-up reports. This has to be reminiscent of the manufacturer's publicity stunt. Whether it can reach the length of the propaganda has yet to be verified. But regardless of this shit, this also indicates that the projector using traditional bulbs as the light source is expected to exceed 10,000 hours. No, at the 2013 BenQ new product launch conference, it was the first to launch a 10,000-hour traditional mercury lamp projector product, with the latest SmartEco 2.0 bulb driving technology, which can intelligently adjust the lamp power according to the changes in the brightness of the screen. To achieve the dual effect of energy saving and prolonging the life of the bulb, the use of this kind of technology greatly reduces the user's comprehensive post-use cost and saves the post-maintenance effort. It is very suitable for business users such as small and medium-sized government agencies. This time, BenQ released a new product for business education projectors with a service life of 10,000 hours in China. It can be said that it has boosted the rapid development of the projection industry and brought more cost-effective solutions to users. However, it will take time to verify whether it can reach the claimed lifespan, but it is undeniable that this also brings the projector market into a new era. In the future, more manufacturers will optimize their energy-saving and environmental protection technologies and bring more long-life traditional lamp light source projector products to users. This is also the new development trend of the industry.
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