Projection new light source technology has been greatly improved Does the laser light source take th

Projection new light source technology has been greatly improved. Does the laser light source take the lead? (1)

by:XY Screens     2021-09-04
Laser technology Mystery coat     We only have LED projectors divided into monochromatic and tri-color. Among them, tri-color LED can be said to show the advantages of LED color, and it is the representative light source of green environmental protection, wide color gamut, and high technology. As LEDs became more familiar to everyone, and the golden garments of LEDs were completely stripped off, everyone began to focus on the ultimate technology laser light source. The topic we are discussing in this article is whether the laser light source, which stands at the most advanced technology, can be popularized? Can it replace LED?   Every time we mention laser, we always think about it. The laser sword of Star Wars, the laser cannon of aliens, the laser eye of Superman, and the most unhelpful can still think of the popular laser surgery in the medical field.     Actually, laser is all around us, laser mouse, laser reading head of disc player, laser printer, laser dance, and of course the magical laser projector.  Laser projector, the first feeling is high-tech, the second feeling is mystery. Laser, all mystery, is the large number of appearances in Hollywood sci-fi movies, especially 'sturdy' laser weapons; in addition, in today's society, all products that are tied to lasers are synonymous with high-tech in the impression of the crowd. In fact, lasers have a large market in the field of name use. As long as they are marked with laser or laser logos, laser technology is used.  High-level laser technology application   Military-grade lasers are far from civilian lasers. From the analysis of the characteristics of lasers: high brightness and high energy. Military-grade ultra-high energy is difficult to control, and laser weapons; civilian-grade ones are weak and easier to control, and both laser pointers and mice are used. Directionality, that is, clustering, is one of the important differences between lasers and other light sources. In the display field, ordinary light sources can be easily made into light sources, but lasers have certain difficulties. Civilian laser transmitters    simple lasers have long been used in the real world, but they focus on light and shadow effects. The large-scale laser stage effect is very dazzling and can be performed in the open outdoor. There are also many wonderful application cases in China, especially large-scale water curtain movies with lasers. Large-scale laser projection application      However, the laser as the light source of the projector is only a major event in the past two years. Compared with traditional light sources, LED light sources and hybrid light sources, pure laser technology has more technical difficulty and historical significance.  Laser and LED are both manufactured around 1960, but the situation of the two is completely different. LED has always been treated as a low-end light source, and laser has always stood on the throne of light source, and no one has surpassed it so far.   100 years of scenery, a brief history of laser development:    1917-Einstein put forward the 'stimulated emission' theory, the birth of the laser theory.   1957-Gordon Gould coined the word 'laser   1960-Theodore Maiman of Hughes Laboratory in California, USA realized the first laser.  1962-The former Soviet Union scientist Nikolai Basov invented the semiconductor diode laser, which is today's small commercial laser.   1971-British physicist Dennis Gabor won the Nobel Prize for his research on holographic photography.   1975-IBM released the first commercial laser printer.   1978-Philips manufactured the first laser disc player, referred to as LD.   1988-The first optical fiber was set up between North America and Europe, using light pulses to transmit data.   1991-The first laser treatment of myopia, the first time laser guided missiles were used in the Gulf War.   1996-Toshiba launched a digital multi-purpose disc player, which is what we often call DVD disc player.   However, the laser, the most memorable thing for us is the laser sword, the iconic weapon of the Jedi Warrior in Star Wars. LED's attention is always high and sometimes low, and the most beautiful moment of LED in the past 5 years. On the other hand, laser technology has been popular since the birth of the theory. It can be said that it has been fascinating for 100 years, and it will only become more and more popular in the future, especially in the light source application field that can give full play to the advantages of laser brightness.
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