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Projection of new light source technology or will affect the DLP and LCD lineup (1)

by:XY Screens     2021-09-04
The new light source accelerates the popularization of the market. From the earliest LED verification machine, it will almost be able to see the brightness of the picture and the disharmony of the huge body, to the current LED light source commercial product with 500 lumens brightness, and the laser light source project with more than 20,000 lumens. Projectors, as well as the latest high-brightness laser and RGBLED hybrid light source products launched in 2012, the pioneers of the projector industry have never stopped improving and transforming projection light source technology. Traditional mercury lamp products have low energy efficiency and huge waste. The environment is broken, the life is short, the maintenance cost is very high, the heat is large, the volume is large, the formation of the three primary colors is complicated, and the design of the analog power control circuit is complicated. This series of 'no' has long been seen by projector manufacturers and engineers. Upper eye. However, due to the limitations of many technical reasons, the exploration of emerging light sources has not really achieved a commercial breakthrough until the last three years! Both LED light source and laser light source are ideal light source technologies with sufficient purity and high energy efficiency. Through special optical materials, they are expanded into the three-primary-color surface light source used in the projector. They have many advantages in application: long life, maintenance-free, and stable. The solid-state architecture, the core of the heat dissipation design is encapsulated on the light source, the light path design is simple and clear, the digital power supply and control circuit design, and so on. These advantages make emerging light sources such as LED and laser widely loved by projector manufacturers, Samsung, LG, Optoma, BenQ, Acer, Vivitek, InFocus, 3M, NEC, Mitsubishi, Casio and many other mainstream projection companies have launched various Kinds of products. As a result, the market abundance of new light source projection products such as LEDs has reached twenty or thirty models. According to statistics, LED light source projection has achieved rapid growth since entering the market in 2009, and market acceptance has gradually improved. According to professional statistics, the growth rate of LED projection in 2009 was 193%>82.4% in 2010>2011 30.6%, the market share has grown rapidly to 26%!  With the popularity of LED light sources, laser light sources are not idle. During the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the 20,000 lumens laser engineering projector of ZTV Zhongke entered practical use and successfully completed the Olympic guarantee mission. Prior to this, Mitsubishi's ultra-thin laser rear projection TV products have also attracted widespread attention in the industry.  Laser technology, called laser technology in Taiwan, is the most ideal light source discovered by mankind so far: high efficiency, high brightness, and high consistency. However, for projection applications, lasers must break through the efficiency and life bottlenecks of green light sources. At the same time, they must also realize the high-capacity and high-density killer point light sources that traditional lasers require, and the conversion to the safe surface light sources required for projection—this process requires Special optical materials. In addition, laser has another big problem: cost! The superiority of laser light source has become the most ideal light source recognized in the industry. Therefore, the most important issue is how to use this light source inexpensively: the use of LEDs in conjunction with LEDs is a new idea that has emerged in recent years. Through the practice of companies such as BenQ and Casio, the laser LED hybrid light source has entered the stage of marketability in terms of product maturity, efficiency, cost, safety and stability. The future laser and LED hybrid light source will be an important development direction of the projection light source industry. However, in the process of popularizing new light source products such as LEDs, most of the participating companies are members of the DLP projection technology camp. The traditional LCD projection camp rarely appears: Sony and Epson LCD giants, as well as Hitachi, Panasonic and other 3LCD The main followers showed almost unanimous calmness in the new light source technology. Why are emerging light sources such as DLP projector LEDs flourishing, but the 3LCD camp is unusually calm?
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