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Projection of new light source technology or will affect the DLP and LCD lineup (2)

by:XY Screens     2021-09-04
New light sources such as LEDs and lasers were born for dlp.      In theory, there is no clear correspondence between light source technology and the 'microchip' technology of micro digital projectors. LED light sources and laser light sources are not absolutely impossible, or are inherently incompatible with 3LCD liquid crystal projection systems. However, the current LED technology and DLP projection products 'cooperate' more closely.  One of the reasons is the brightness bottleneck problem of the current LED light source technology: DLP projectors using three primary colors RGBled light sources in the mainstream market can achieve a brightness of 300-500 lumens, and products in the test phase can achieve a brightness of 1000 lumens. This brightness is still lower than the brightness of 2000-4000 lumens of mainstream projector products in the market. Although the advantages of contrast and color make the LED light source 500 lumens can produce a display experience similar to the traditional light source 700-1000 lumens. But facing the real brightness bottleneck, 3LCD can only stay away.   Compared with the DMD chip used in the DLP system, the projection imaging of the LCD chip of the 3LCD projection system has lower light efficiency. That is to say, a brighter light source product is needed to achieve the same brightness. In general applications, in order to achieve better brightness performance, LCD projections mostly use three-chip composite imaging to increase the instantaneous luminous flux and ensure product brightness. This is a huge contrast with the DLP system that usually uses a single-chip DMD chip. Lower light efficiency determines that 3LCD products cannot adapt to existing LED light source products.   At present, the newly emerging LED light source products and composite laser light source products are eager to form higher brightness. If this technology can reach the luminous flux level of traditional mercury lamps, it is expected to be applied in 3LCD technology projection products.   emphasizes the consistency of LED light source and DLP projection technology, not to reveal the lack of brightness of LED light source. The LED light source also has a unique charm in effect. The use of RGB three primary colors LED light source can reduce an important component for DLP projectors: the color wheel. The color wheel is the root cause of some weakening of the display effect of DLP projection products under the traditional mercury lamp light source. Coupled with the high purity and high saturation of the LED light source itself, the three primary color RGB LED light source can increase the color gamut range of the DLP projector single-chip system by more than 50%. ——These advantages of LED light sources will not appear on 3LCD projectors, or will be greatly reduced! As the LED light source or laser light source of solid-state semiconductor technology, the application on DLP projectors also has another systematic advantage: heat dissipation design. The heat dissipation design is an important factor affecting the life of the projector. High heat not only directly damages the light source, but also damages the projection microchip. Therefore, the traditional 3LCD products of the mercury lamp must involve a strict heat dissipation system to ensure that the liquid organic chip of the LCD is not damaged, and to increase the service life of the mercury lamp. However, the light source life factor of laser and LED light source is mainly the internal temperature of the chip itself: the internal temperature of the LED light source chip will have an ideal brightness and chromaticity of 100,000 hours at room temperature; but the temperature rises to 50 degrees Celsius, the life is shortened to 30,000 -50,000 hours; the temperature is above 75 degrees, only has a life span of 10,000-20000 hours; at ultra-high temperature, the stable working time of LED is only a few milliseconds.   Therefore, it can be seen that the LED light source or the laser light source is very sensitive to temperature. However, the LED light source or laser light source used in the projector is a 'packaged' light source product. That is, the light source manufacturer has completed the most basic chip heat dissipation design. Projector manufacturers only need to guarantee an ideal ambient temperature. This kind of light source is applied to DLP technology, and it complements the temperature stability of the semiconductor solid-state micro-electromechanical DMD chip of DLP projection technology, making the overall projection product heat dissipation design simpler. The LED light source is integrated with 3LCD. Although the heat dissipation of the light source part is not complicated, the LCD chip itself still needs a special heat dissipation design to maintain an ideal working state-a high temperature of 70 degrees may make the life of the LCD chip not as long as the LED light source. As another feature of the LED light source of semiconductor technology, it is also a feature that many people are not familiar with, and it is a great advantage of its perfect partner with DLP: LED light source is a cheap light source compared with mercury lamp. First, the LED has a long life, low maintenance, and greatly reduces the replacement cost; second, the LED is energy-saving, and the same brightness can greatly save more than half of the 'electricity bill'; third, the LED light source with the same brightness and chromaticity is also cheaper than the mercury lamp!   The main advantage of DLP projectors in the non-engineering market is concentrated in the low price of the products. And if the lower cost LED light source can be well popularized, the price advantage of DLP projectors will be even more obvious. At present, Optoma's 500-lumen widescreen 1280×800 high-definition resolution LED projector has fallen below the 5,000 yuan mark, which is the best proof of the low-cost characteristics of LED light sources!
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