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Projection screen and your analysis of LCD splicing technology

by:XY Screens     2021-09-04
The application of LCD splicing in business has expanded from a relatively professional and high-end application at the beginning to now cover multiple sub-application areas such as commerce, entertainment, and public management. With clear image quality, ultra-thin volume and flexible splicing methods, LCD splicing has been increasingly widely used in the commercial field.   In addition, technological development in other fields has gradually merged into the field of LCD splicing, which has promoted the upgrading and development of LCD splicing technology. The combination of intelligent control and network technology and LCD splicing technology makes the LCD splicing system gradually become intelligent, easy for network transmission and control, and can better meet the diverse needs of users. The advantages of LCD splicing can be divided into the following three points to describe:    One, the practicality of LCD splicing LCD splicing has a large combination space: either small screen splicing or large screen splicing can be used; For a single screen splicing, a pair of M×N entire screens can also be spliced; large and small screens can also be mixed together. According to the customer's system scale and application requirements for the LCD splicing curtain wall system, according to the use environment of the system, select appropriate products and splicing methods, design specific implementation plans to meet the application requirements of the system.   According to the user's requirements for input signals, different video processing systems can be selected to realize VGA, composite video, S-VIDEO, YPBPR/YCBCR or DVI signal input to meet the needs of different use occasions and different signal input. Through the control software, various signals can be switched, spliced u200bu200binto full-screen display, display in any combination, image stretched display, image roaming display, image superimposed display, etc.   LCD splicing can create a personalized system according to the different needs of customers, and provide different implementation plans and technical support.  Second, the reliability of LCD splicing  Monitors and splicing curtain walls generally require continuous operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This requires the monitor and splicing curtain wall to have the characteristics of reliability and high stability to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the system.   mainly affects system reliability, including temperature rise, structure, interference, and the service life of the system itself. The large heat generation of the system will greatly reduce the service life of the system components, and if the equipment is heavy, it is not conducive to installation and overwhelming the rack. In addition, the anti-interference ability of the system also directly affects the reliability of the system. LCD splicing uses high-reliability DID LCD screens, of which 40' weighs only 12.5KG, which is the lightest among flat panel display devices of the same size at present. The power consumption is 150W. With such low energy consumption, its heat generation is also very small, so that Standing in front of the splicing wall, you can't feel its temperature rise. The unique display principle of LCD, the fully digital driving system, and the air vortex heat dissipation method designed by engineering fluid mechanics ensure the high reliability and stability of the splicing wall. , At the same time, the all-steel curtain wall rack and reasonable process design make the equipment stable and reliable without radiation or interference from external electromagnetic fields.    LCD has low power consumption, low heat generation, light weight, long life, and no radiation. The reliability of LCD splicing is extremely high, and it can normally work for more than 50,000 hours.    Third, the economics of LCD splicing should consider the economics of the system, and the cost-effectiveness of the system should be considered. Only under the premise of high performance and high quality, the economics of the system can be Meaningful.    Plasma (PDP) splicing walls currently on the market have a relatively high price. Generally, the price per square meter is as high as hundreds of thousands, which is more expensive than LCD splicing walls, and due to its inherent defects, the cost performance is lower. Although the price of DLP TV walls is relatively low, the replacement cost of light bulbs per year is as high as several thousand per screen. A curtain wall can add up to tens of thousands to as many as hundreds of thousands. After a few years, the cost is staggering.   LCD Splicing has a service life of up to 50,000 to 80,000 hours, stable quality and low maintenance costs. It is currently a very cost-effective large-screen splicing.    In summary, the emergence of LCD splicing has solved various defects of traditional TV curtain walls. Convenient, comprehensive and real-time display of the video information of each system, especially for remote real-time command, dispatch and other projects to provide a good large-screen display system. LCD splicing wall is today's practical, advanced, reliable and economical large-screen display equipment.
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