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Projection screen entering the era of personality

by:XY Screens     2021-08-18
Speaking of projection screens, it is an important equipment product for projectors, but when it comes to its development, people feel very passive. Indeed, in the development process of the AV industry, no one is guided by the projection screen, so the projection screen can only be used as a matching product to improve its own product characteristics and meet the various needs of customers. The image quality, color, resolution and other effects of the projector are finally reflected on the projection screen, so the matching use of the projection screen and the projector plays a very important role. Many system integrations do not understand the importance of the use of projection screens, and often do not pay enough attention to the selection of projection screens. In fact, inappropriate matching of projectors and projection screens often makes the display of the projector fail to achieve the expected effect. Although it is a matching product, the types and technical content of projection screens are constantly improving. Nowadays, the silver screen plays an important leader in the development of projection screens. First of all, in the types of screens, it covers the most widely used bracket screens, frame screens, electric screens, portable pull screens, engineering screens, etc., and there is also a nano-projection screen full of technical content. What are the outstanding performances of nano-projection screens incorporating the latest technology that can enable people to get better visual effects? According to reports: Nano projection screens are the world’s first and are made of a variety of highly reflective nano powders. They are used in optics, chemistry, metal science, mechanics, physics, liquid interface, multilayer printing and coating, polymer materials, etc. The culmination of high-tech disciplines can not only improve the quality of the picture, but also the last technical leap of the international projection screen. In terms of display effects, nano-projection screens can achieve a gain of up to 3.0. Unpolarized light, soft reflective light, and brilliant colors can make the picture quality clearer, which is significantly better than most existing projection screens on the market. From the nano projection screen, it is not difficult to see that the screen has entered the era of technological, diversified, and high-definition personality development. The continuous reform of product technology will bring more surprises to people in terms of visual effects.
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