Projection screen high-definition technology will become a bright spot in the future market competit

Projection screen high-definition technology will become a bright spot in the future market competition

by:XY Screens     2021-09-03
With the overall upgrade of the projection system, the global projection screen market will further expand in 2012. Affected by the global economy, despite the slowdown in the growth of mainstream projection screens, the willingness of customers to pursue high-definition picture quality of projection screens is still increasing. Nano high-definition projection screens are regarded as the next wave of market development. Projection system: low-carbon and energy-saving. Projector light source technology innovation is the key. In recent years, issues such as climate warming and energy shortages have become hot spots of global concern. The implementation of low-carbon and energy-saving life concepts has also been generally accepted by consumers and the consumer electronics industry. As the projector industry is no exception, consumers have also taken energy-saving and environmental protection functions as one of the important purchase parameters in the process of purchasing projectors. In order to meet the needs of users and the increasingly competitive environment, some projector manufacturers have continued to make efforts in the new light source projector market in recent years. Especially this year, the 'bulbless' game has become the biggest focus of the market.   As the projector market gradually enters the era of multi-brand melee, the market competition is getting fiercer and fiercer. The fierce competition in the projection market has also led to the decline in product prices year by year, and profits are getting thinner and thinner, in order to find a better blue ocean. In recent years, in addition to fully developing the high-end engineering projection market, lampless projection has become another new blue ocean. The most representative of these is the 'Taiwanese brandAccording to forecasts by relevant agencies, the global projector market is expected to rise to 8 million units in 2012. Although the growth of mainstream models has slowed down, the growth of micro-projection applications and the improvement of the efficiency of new light sources, lampless projection is regarded as the next wave of market The trend of development is that the trend of replacing traditional light bulbs with solid-state light sources such as LEDs and lasers is concealed. Projector manufacturer Zhongguang Optoelectronics stated that the proportion of LED projector applications will reach 15% in 2012 and will mass produce laser light sources. The projector is expected to reach 5% in 2012.   The same is true. Facing fierce market competition and intensifying price wars, Fantai brands in the projector market have chosen to open up a new blue ocean, which is the 'bulbless' projection field. Because the new light source not only improves the performance of the product, but also increases the service life, making a contribution to more energy saving and environmental protection. In the long run, with its unique advantages, the new light source technology is expected to replace traditional bulbs as a new generation of projector light sources.   In addition, the advent of new light source products has completely solved the problem of user ownership cost of using projectors. At the same time, the new light source products make the projection operation easier, just turn off and leave, no need to wait for the shutdown to dissipate heat. In the projector market in 2011, under the brand of Acer, ViewSonic, Vivitek, Optoma and other brands to force LED projectors, the projection industry collectively entered a new era. Projection system: Nano high-definition projection screen. Innovative technology to meet user needs. As we all know, only a comprehensive upgrade of the projector and projection screen can make the combination of the projection system more perfect. In 2012, the 4K nano projector and 4K nano high-definition projection screen can be said to go hand in hand, and at the same time the grand debut in April this year, which means that the projection system will fully move towards the horizon of nano high-definition. As a pioneer in projection screens, Projection Display Technology Co., Ltd. took the lead in developing and launching the '4Ku00263D' nano high-definition projection screen in April this year. 95% total reflection rate and above 94% diffusion rate. Its pure white projection surface truly reproduces the true color of the image, and the image has a strong sense of transparency. Nanotechnology has improved the image resolution, making the picture more delicate, better reflecting the details of the image, and enhancing the sense of layering of the picture. The picture is colorful and bright, the image brightness is high, not glare, and it presents you with high-definition visual effects. SNOWHITE '4Ku00263D' nano high-definition screen features: 1. In the 360-650nm visible light band, the reflectivity is as high as 94%, the original color reproduction 2. The viewing angle is 160 degrees (2α), close to 180 degrees (2α). Gain 1.3 (peak 1.5), no Polarized light, soft reflective light3, screen resolution 125 line pairs/mm, far higher than the standard of GB/T 13982-2011 movie screen resolution ≥ 80 line pairs/mm, truly high-definition. 4. Anti-static, anti-UV, non-radiation, anti-aging, long service life 5. Suitable for frame screen In 2012, it can be seen from the market dynamics that the new projection light source and nano high-definition projection screen have become another new blue ocean for projection systems. There is reason to believe that with the joint efforts of major projectors and projection screen brand enterprises, the popularization of high-definition projection systems will be rapidly promoted and the projection system industry will be reformed.
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