Projection screen, the first ultra-short-focus black grid anti-light screen and nano 4K frame screen

Projection screen, the first ultra-short-focus black grid anti-light screen and nano 4K frame screen for home theater

by:XY Screens     2022-02-13
Now that more and more people are building home theaters, what kind of projection screen is suitable for home theaters? A private theater with a projection screen can bring people a visual shock and perfect experience, and enjoy extraordinary audio-visual effects.
Recommend three projection screens, which can be well matched with various living room theaters and home theaters to bring visual shock and audio-visual effects.
The first paragraph: Xiongyun ultra-short-focus black grid anti-light curtain, adopts special optical structure, effectively absorbs ambient light, and restores the true projection color. With the revolutionary product developed by the ultra-short throw projector, the projection distance is only 35-60 cm, and the screen can reach 80 inches. The screen shading layer blocks the ambient light, so that the picture has the best contrast effect, so you no longer need to turn off the lights for projection. The Xiongyun ultra-short-throw black grid anti-light screen is combined with an ultra-short-throw laser projector to form what is called a laser TV on the market, but the disadvantage of this screen is that it can only use an ultra-short-throw projector.

The second paragraph: Xiongyun telephoto anti-light screen, with a 1 cm frame, the material selection and design of the narrow frame tends to be simple, and it looks very high-end. The large viewing angle ensures that there will be no optical shadows when viewing the picture at any angle. Excellent resistance to ambient light interference, compared with ordinary diffuse reflection white screen, the picture contrast is improved by 100%. Using the principle of diffuse reflection of light, the surface is specially treated, and the screen surface is smooth and clean. In a bright indoor environment, bright colors and clear images can still be maintained. But the disadvantage of this screen is that it can only be used with a telephoto projector.

The third paragraph: Xiongyun Nano 4K frame screen, 2 angle of view 160 degrees (2a) close to 180 degrees (2a), gain 1.3 (peak 1.5) non-polarized imaging, high brightness, non-glaring and soft reflection. Suitable for the needs of different fields, such as: home theater, small theater, entertainment venues, etc. Antistatic, anti-UV, no radiation, anti-aging, long service life. The screen resolution is 125 line pairs/mm, which is much higher than the standard of GB/T13982- -2011 movie screen resolution ≥80 line pairs/mm to realize high definition. It adopts environmentally friendly materials and is laminated on the screen base after being processed by nanotechnology. In the 360~650nm visible light waveband, the reflectivity is as high as 94% or more, the original color is reproduced, the image has a strong sense of transparency, and the picture is delicate.
The projection screen recommended to enthusiasts is guaranteed to satisfy you and buy satisfactory products. Moreover, Xiongyun manufacturers have various preferential activities every month, and the products are guaranteed to make everyone affordable and satisfied.
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