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Projection screen to share with you: the world's first digital ultra-high-definition 3

by:XY Screens     2021-09-04
It is reported that the world's first digital ultra-high-definition 8K3D dome program was successfully tested at the Macau Science Museum recently. The test film was exclusively produced by Beijing Mogaosi Road, with Dunhuang murals as themes, and the charm of Chinese classical art and culture can be re-displayed through the digital media platform.   It is understood that the dome film is a new form of film developed in the past 20 years. The high-definition super-large dome-shaped picture exceeds the audience's field of vision, making the audience feel as if they are in the scene. With the addition of omni-directional six-channel stereo dubbing, it has a very real on-site effect. Dome movies, with super-human-eye-perspective pictures and realistic stereo sound effects, have become a wonder of contemporary movie technology.   In terms of originality and production of dome movies, foreign companies have always dominated the world by virtue of their leading technology. Through independent innovation, Beijing Mogao Silk Road won the title of 'No. 1' in the world's ultra-high-definition 8K dome program in the shortest time. The success of the 8K3D ultra-high-definition dome film test not only marks that the Chinese people have broken the foreign technology monopoly pattern, and at the same time mastered the creative ability of ultra-high-definition special film and television special effects, but also filled the international gap in special film and television production technology.   This video test is the world's first use of dual-channel 3D technology in the production of dome programs to ensure that the film presents high-definition 3D images without crosstalk and ghosting. The 8K3D dome video has a resolution 4 times that of IMAX's high-definition 4K3D video. The unprecedented 3D stereoscopic effect has won unanimous praise from the industry. The super immersive sense brings dreamlike audio-visual enjoyment to the audience.
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