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Projection screens are also an important part of high-definition solutions

by:XY Screens     2021-09-06
The market has more and more demand for large-screen display devices. At the same time, projection display devices have also been widely used in various fields, improving the performance and delivery effects of information. From the display on the terminal projection, the high-definition projection display system requires the same high-definition technology of the entire process equipment such as cameras, players, computers, interfaces, projectors, and screens. It is impossible to have a true high-definition effect in any link. appear. The projection screen is very important as the ultimate expression carrier of high-definition images. The screen needs high-definition, and high-definition also needs a screen with excellent performance. HD brings new development opportunities for projection screen products. Since the projection system can display a large screen that ordinary flat-panel high-definition devices cannot, the charm of high-definition can be brought into full play.   From an industry perspective, the demand for projection screens in education and teaching, engineering applications, home entertainment, business presentations and other markets is 1:1, and even more than 1:1 in education and teaching applications. The screen projected by the projector to obtain a clear image effect depends more on whether to choose a screen or what kind of projection screen to choose.   From a technical and optical point of view, it is not difficult to understand that the image projected by any projector is formed by the light reflected by the projection screen to the human eye. Since the projection screen is a light-receiving surface, it is passive from a physical point of view. Therefore, different screen materials and viewing angles have different reflection strength, frequency spectrum and transmission methods of light, so that the image reaching our eyes will also be different. There is a difference. Especially for the requirements of home theater, the image must not only be seen clearly, but also have higher requirements in terms of brightness, contrast, color, detail, and noise. Therefore, it is not only required to have a good projector, but also a suitable projection screen. If matched properly, it can match the characteristics of different types of projectors, and make the greatest improvement and modification to the quality of the projected image. The advantages of the machine are brought into play. It is precisely because of this that the projection screen has been around for decades, but it is still constantly developing new materials, new processes, and new technologies to pursue more perfect effects. With the rapid development of digital technology and display technology, the world is entering a new high-definition era. The digitalization and high-definition of video has become the most urgent consumer demand. Whether it is possible to provide competitive high-definition solutions has become an industry competing to seize High ground. The high-definition wave is rapidly rising around the world, and huge business opportunities have emerged. For consumers, high-definition is an epoch-making change in the entertainment lifestyle. On the terminal projection display, the definition of high-definition display is higher. The HD era is not only a product change, but a system solution. In recent years, especially in 2008, more screen manufacturers have held exhibitions in China and actively participated in large-scale high-definition display activities to bring the best screen products to the Chinese market and the best high-definition experience for customers.
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