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projector mount and vga cat5 cable extension for home theater

by:XY Screens     2019-11-10
Over the past few years, I have gradually added new solutions to my home theater setup.
I started making audio cables for a digital music station a few years ago and later I purchased my first led TV and connected it to my computer.
With the development of digital TV and movies, I decided to get rid of the cable and only buy the Internet.
At present, all my media needs come from computers and the Internet.
I bought a projector about a year ago and installed it on a coffee table connected via a 20\' VGA cable and projected it to the entire room.
To make the projector sound, I realized I needed to build an amplifier (
Could one day post another note for my modified lm386 amp).
Every time I watch a movie night, I get tired of running the VGA cable through the room and setting up the amp, so I finally crashed and made a projector Ceiling bracket.
My original intention was to go wireless and buy a wireless demo system, but soon realized that the price of these systems could be between $100. $300.
I did a little research and ended up buying a composite wireless transmitter and VGA to composite converter for the computer for about $45.
This does not work well in other tests of the composite DVD player, even if it does, 2.
4 ghz signal has a lot of interference.
After pulling out my hair for a couple of days and doing some research on instructures, I came across an Instructure that can produce cheap VGA cables for long distances.
I think I will give it a try and finally do the job well.
The following Instructable will record the process of making my projector holder and cable.
For the projector holder, I just used some 2x4 scrap and plywood from other projects.
I can\'t give you the size because my projector is small, so you have to change your size to install the projector.
One problem I have with the Mount is that my apartment is not too far away so the mount has to be an angle (
Required for ladder adjustment).
That\'s why the plates in front are so high.
The reason the bracket housing has so many gaps is because I need enough ventilation to disperse the heat of the projector.
Materials and tools required for this building: 2x4 plywoodcordless cordless drill storage chest hinge (
Only 3, 4 are better)
Bitsban saw (saw-zaw works too! )
Ring saw paint
15 VGA connectors x 2 need the length of Cat5Cat7 cable (
5e will work well)
As you can see from the photo, I started to measure the projector and cut off the parts from the ban saw.
Then I drew everything and screwed the mounting pieces and panels to the end of the seat.
Next, I connected the adjustable hinge.
I found 3 of them at Menards for about $3. 00.
They are used for hinges on cedar boxes and similar storage boxes.
Next, I made the proper hole for the bracket on the ceiling
Drill holes and put screws into the drywall.
The mounting screws are usually plastic, but I found some aluminum screws to be very firm and can be easily removed and still well filled later on.
I just drill into these screws with included hinge hardware screws to install the projector.
Here\'s a picture of the mounting screw sticking out so you know what I\'m talking about.
The next thing I do is measure the distance to weld my own VGA cable.
I ended up needing 35\' to get from the computer, along the walls and ceiling to the projector.
I bought two HD sets.
15 VGA connectors and housing for radiowack and some cat5 cables (Cat5-
The cable on Newegg is much cheaper, but I\'m impatient).
Instructions for building this cable can be found on the User: Instructions for mlandgraaf: Thanks for the instructions for mlandgraaf;
It is impossible to do without him.
Next, I string the cable in the corner of the wall with a small fence/Wire pin and plug it into the computer.
I am currently working on a dual VGA adapter so that I can connect the LCD and projector at the same time, so all I have to do is open the projector with the remote control to disconnect the LCD and connect the projector cable.
I\'m trying to find similar builds on structures, but can\'t find them.
I hope that if you are looking for a similar solution, this building will help to meet your home theater needs like my building.
Questions, comments and suggestions are welcome. Happy building!
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