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Projector price dispute: Whose nerves hurts?

by:XY Screens     2021-09-04
Since the launch of the movie '2012China is indeed a good place. It is not only a refuge in '2012Therefore, this is a very good market, but also a very bad market.   Now, we are not talking about movies, nor about opportunities, but about the domestic projector market that is closely related to movies.  'Price' has always been a haze in the projection market  A recent set of data shows that the domestic projection market accounted for nearly 20% of the global market, and it has become the world's largest projection market. It is something to be proud of for every practitioner in the domestic projection industry. This achievement includes the hard work and hard work of every projection practitioner. Indeed, after the continuous progress of colleagues, the domestic projection market has finally achieved certain achievements, among which 'reasonable' market prices are one of the important factors that promote the development of the domestic projection market.   So, what is a reasonable 'price'?   Let’s take the most familiar auto industry as an example. Everyone is familiar with Audi, and now the Audi made in China is the best Audi in the world. Whoever buys an imported Audi is a fool. But when Audi first started, some people said, don't buy Audi. When you pass the toll booth, roll down the window glass to pay the fee. After paying the fee, you can't shake it up again.  Think about it, at that time, if Audi took the price cut route and sold all the cars, what would happen?   is definitely a dead end, and you will never be able to make the best Audi cars in the world! What Audi does is to continuously innovate and continuously provide higher quality and services with technology. As long as it provides consumers with enough 'valueBetter products, better services, etc.!   However, the price war in the domestic projection market affects the nerves of every projection manufacturer. Because sometimes, some projector manufacturers fought a price war in order to blindly “share” the projection market, and even lost one hundred soldiers, but few kills. However, consumers can learn the reasons from the law of price reduction in the market: clearing inventory (outdated and old products); defective products (not good quality); improper business operations (clearing goods); in short, there will be no good products that exceed reasonable prices. .   Recently, in several biddings in the Northwest District, some brand projectors were quoted at a cost of nearly hundreds of yuan lower than the cost price, which caused an uproar in the industry.  This......  Users who bought this model before, hurt......  This is not fair, I will find a fair one in the future.   There was a problem with the after-sales service, can I find someone...   The dealers who didn't take the money all left.  The merchants have lost money, so there is no profit to share.   If you don't be your dealer, we can't do things that hurt ourselves and others.  Innovative technology carries more and provides users with more value  Iphone4s is here, and consumers may not get the goods when they have money. This is value, the value provided by innovative technology to users, therefore, the price is reasonable for consumers. It is worth noting that in the projection market, ACTO, a national brand in China, has become a brilliant player in the projection industry with innovative technology since its establishment. , Received the care of several central leaders.   In the price dispute of the projection market, ACTO has always maintained its demeanor, and has always adhered to more technological innovations to provide customers with more value and services. Therefore, ACTO has won the respect of international brands Sony, NEC, Panasonic, etc., and established a strategic partnership with Sony! At present, ACTO projectors have accounted for nearly 9.6% of the market. Behind this achievement is the hard work and innovation of ACTO people. Like the latest projectors of ACTO, it enjoys science and technology in the western region. The projector menu adds Tibetan and Uighur languages, and at the same time, according to local differences, the dust viscosity in plateau areas and remote areas, the dust-proof net and the fan have all made corresponding designs and changes. ) A deep love for the motherland, which is rich in land and resources, and at the same time shows ACTO's responsibility to users, highlighting more value.  Acto's repeated large orders are the best explanation for it. Those projection brands that hurt themselves and others, look cautious, maybe lower the price, which affects only the last nerve!   is written at the end: Yes, the price is leverage. But this must be built within a reasonable range. If, like a certain projection brand, in order to win the bid, the quotation is as low as the cost price, and at a certain time, not only will the bid not be obtained, but it will also become an enemy of its peers. It is not wise for the industry or itself. With the efforts of peers, the domestic projection market has finally made some good progress. I hope that the projection manufacturers will start from me, take their own responsibilities for the projection industry, put their minds on products and innovation, and provide users with More value, the price is only a small part of the value, on the contrary, the price reduction will also be spurned!
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