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projector screen in ahmedabad Title: Is the curtain necessary?

by:XY Screens     2018-10-16

There are fewer friends who know the projector, and fewer friends who know the projection screen. Many friends who bought a home theater projector are struggling with buying a curtain. The reason why users hesitate is that they don't understand the projection screen. They think that the projection screen is the same as ordinary fabrics. It is a waste to buy a projection screen at a large price. On the other hand, there are more ways to replace the projection screen, white walls, paint, etc. Can solve the problem of the projection screen. the curtain necessary? Measured projection screen and white wall contrast effect So is there no technical content on the projection screen? What is the difference between the effect of white wall and projection screen? In order to solve these problems, Xiaobian specially tested the projection effect of the curtain and the white wall, hoping to help the friends who are ready to purchase the projection screen. the projection screen technical in nature? The answer is yes, the so-called 'existence is reasonable', if the projection screen is the same as ordinary white fabric, then the projection screen will not exist. Projection screens have significant advantages over conventional fabrics. Firstly, the projection screen screen has a strong ability to reflect incident light, which can improve the brightness of the picture. Through the ingenious processing of the light, the black level effect of the picture can also be changed to enhance the contrast of the picture. The material of the projection screen is different from that of ordinary cloth (the bead curtain effect) The reason why the projection screen has such an effect is because the projection screen is made of special materials. There are many kinds of projection screen materials, such as glass bead curtain (not cleanable), metal curtain, embossed plastic curtain, embossed plastic is divided into white plastic, gray plastic, silver plastic and so on. Commonly used in the market are glass bead curtains and white plastic screens. Generally speaking, the price of glass bead is high and low, while the price of white plastic screen is generally higher. White plastic screen has a wide viewing angle and is more suitable for household use. Compared with the projection screen, the white wall does not have the above-mentioned functions of increasing gain, widening the angle of view, improving the resolution, enhancing the contrast, enhancing the color reproduction, etc., and because the wall surface is easily contaminated, or the texture of the wall itself will cause a certain amount of projection on the projection screen. influences. It is also worth mentioning that there is no “black border” on the white wall. Don’t underestimate the black border. It can improve the attention and contrast of the picture, improve the visual quality of the picture itself, and avoid the surrounding influence. These are the reasons why white walls are not a substitute for projection screens. Through the above analysis, we can know that the projection screen is still highly technical, and because of this, the projection screens of some famous brands are also more expensive. However, there are some projection screens on the market that are less than 1,000 yuan, and some even have more than 300 yuan. For these low-priced projection screens, Xiaobian has something to say, although the above mentioned small and medium-sized editors can not replace the projection screen. However, if you use a low-cost projection screen in your home theater, don't say anything else. For the specific effect, please see the low-cost projection screen and the white wall contrast real shot. 
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