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projector screen material

by:XY Screens     2019-12-28
There are different types of projector screens, they all represent something, but the projector screen is just a projector screen, there is no projector, so the projector you get is very important, I want to talk to you about these different projector screens.
The light reflection feature of the projector screen is the material made of it and is now discussed on different projector screens.
When someone talks about the screen having a gain, it means that the screen reflects on average all the light in the room compared to other or normal whiteboards.
The first in the list is the diffuse screen: the diffuse screen reflects light throughout the room, making it possible for everyone to see the same image at the same time and see the same image with the same picture or video quality.
The projector screen is illuminated, so the light of the image is reflected from all different angles in the projection screen cone, with equal brightness.
Because the light travels the same way in the room, it makes the light of the image a little darker, but no one knows or recognizes it because everyone sees the same brightness of the image.
The second one in the list is the reflection screen: when there is a high light environment in the room, the extra light needs to be reflected off so that it does not interfere with the image on the screen, also should not be reflected because it reflects light like a mirror, so use it on the back end projector.
These reflective screens work best with projectors with front or higher projector gain, may be round and gain is about 2, which is best for projectors mounted on the ceiling of the House, so that they can reflect the light of the image from a smaller perspective.
As you already know, the gain of the reflection screen is 2, and because of the high angle of the projector, the shielding angle is much smaller compared to the diffuse screen.
The third on the list is retro.
Reflective screen: This vintage
The reflective screen is almost the same as the reflective screen, which is also beneficial in high ambient light, but retro
The reflective screen directly reflects the light back to the light source and has a high gain
The reflective screen is not very suitable for projectors mounted on the ceiling, because the light will reflect at an angle perpendicular to the light source, making the image of people sitting in front of the room close to the retro-
The reflective screen and its retro
The reflective screen works best with a portable projector that can be installed on the table.
The fourth and last one in the list is the back projection screen: The back projection screen is suitable for all different conditions, which are used with the back projection projector.
Due to the projector installed at the back of the room, ambient light has no effect on the image quality at all.
The gain of the rear projection screen is 6, very high, and even in the lightest glare, some high-quality images will be generated.
As you already think there is a price for this kind of back-projection screen, it is not recommended to use it only for those who show the presentation, which is completely a waste and is for professionals only.
If you\'re looking for a projector to more or less 20-
You should have a look at the diffuse and reflective projector screen that suits you.
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