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projectors - how to make your projector bulbs last longer

by:XY Screens     2019-12-23
Projectors are a very useful tool for businesses and schools.
Every valid demo needs the help of a good projector.
Once you buy a projector, you will naturally want it to be used as long as possible.
If you want the projector to use for a longer period of time, you need to be careful with the light bulb in the projector.
The bulbs inside the projector produce the same heat as other bulbs.
However, projector bulbs produce more heat than other bulbs.
Therefore, the projector bulb is easily damaged.
In this post, let me share with you some tips on making your projector bulb last longer: 1.
Turn down the brightness of the projector.
By reducing the power of the projector, you can make the bulb last longer.
When the brightness of the projector is low, it uses less power. 2.
Make sure the fan of the projector works.
The fan is used to cool the bulb.
So check the fan regularly to make sure it works.
If it does not work, it will reduce the life of the projector. 3.
Do not move the projector when using it.
When the projector is on, the heat is gathered inside the projector.
When you move it around while the bulb is still hot, it can burst.
So before you move the projector, wait a few minutes after turning off the projector. 4.
Keep the projector and filter clean.
Filter cooling of projector.
Therefore, keeping the filter clean, preventing dust and dirt, will keep the light bulb of the projector longer. 5.
Put the projector in a safe room.
The room should be large enough to prevent other opponents from hitting it.
Also, you should keep the temperature in the room as constant changes from heat to cold damage the projector. 6.
Don\'t put the projector in the sun.
Temperature is an important factor in determining the life of the projector.
If you ship the projector from one place to another, don\'t put it behind the car.
The car in the hot sun will damage the light bulb of the projector.
You should not leave the projector in the car without air conditioning. 7.
Let the lights cool after use.
Do not move immediately after moving.
By letting the bulb cool down for a few minutes after use, you can extend the life of the bulb.
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