Proposal for design of multi-function hall audio and video system and equipment selection Commercial

[Proposal for design of multi-function hall audio and video system and equipment selection] Commercial projector purchase common sense

by:XY Screens     2021-11-09
1. System composition
  Usually we divide the multifunctional hall into 8 subsystems for design. The 8 subsystems can be integrated with each other or used independently, and can be selected and matched according to specific functional requirements.
(1) Multi-purpose sound reinforcement system: including conference sound reinforcement, movie sound reinforcement and performance sound reinforcement;
(2) Multi-purpose conference system: including conference discussion, speech conference, voting, simultaneous interpretation, etc.;
(3) Multimedia display system: including movie playback, media video display, and karaoke screen display;
(4) Real-time monitoring and recording system;
(5) Remote video conference system;
(6) VOD video on demand system;
(7) Central control system: including audio and video integrated control and ambient lighting control;
(8) Multi-purpose lighting system: including meeting lighting and performance lighting;
Two, the function of the system
1. Multi-purpose sound reinforcement system
   The audio signal is reproduced, and the human voices and musical instruments can be picked up and reproduced. It can meet different requirements of sound reinforcement, such as holding gala parties, fashion shows, stage performances and other large and medium-sized activities , Hold meetings, enjoy movies with multi-channel surround sound, etc.
Main equipment: Mixing console (American MACKIE, Japan YAMAHA, British Soundcraft)
     speakers (American SOUNDTOP, British TURBOSOUND)
     power amplifier (joint venture EMTER, American CROWN, Japan YAMAHA)
     Peripheral equipment (joint venture DIGISYNTHETIC, American dbx, American ALESIS)
     Microphone (USA SHURE, Austria AKG, Taiwan JTS)
2. Multi-purpose conference system
   mainly use hand-in-hand conference system or automatic mixing conference system, both of which can meet the needs of multiple people at the same time, while effectively reducing howling and equipment costs, and also have powerful expansion functions.
The conference system can meet the needs of holding large, medium and small academic reports, knowledge lectures, general conference discussions, etc. The system can be equipped with voting and simultaneous interpretation functions by adding corresponding equipment.
Main equipment: BOSCH from the Netherlands, TAIDEN from Taiwan, Audio-Technica from Japan and SHURE from the United States, etc.
3. Multimedia display system
   is mainly composed of high-brightness projectors, projection screens and related supporting equipment, mainly used for the display of multimedia signals (such as speech content, picture display, media audio and video playback, etc.), as well as the display of movie screens and singing screens. Both the control room and the stage have signal input interfaces to facilitate the transmission of various signals.
Main equipment: projector (Japan TOSHIBA, Mitsubishi, SONY, SANYO, China Benq, Lenovo, etc.)
     Projection screen (Korea Moco, Canada Meishi, China Aestheticism, China LEEMC, China Sanshi)
     Projector Lifting Frame (China Aestheticism, China LEEMC, China Haijie)
4. Real-time monitoring and recording system
   The system can reflect the situation on the spot in time, which is conducive to the operation of the operator. It can also be used as a camera at ordinary times, and it can be used to record the meeting process, the report process, and the performance process.
Main equipment: BOSCH from the Netherlands, PANASONIC from Japan, Samsung from South Korea, and SANTACHI from China.
5. Remote video conference system
   The system can realize remote video conferencing or remote training, etc., which can save a lot of time, manpower and financial resources.
Generally, remote video conferences are divided into two methods: point-to-point and multipoint meetings, which need to be selected according to the specific needs of customers.
Main equipment: Israel VCON, American POLYCOM, Japan SONY, China including Hangzhou Huasan.
6, VOD video on demand system;
   The system has the automatic on-demand function of more than 10,000 DVD songs, which solves the defects of the need to equip a large number of discs and multiple disc players for loop playback. The system can effectively save costs, reduce operating personnel, and reduce on-demand errors Probability and has a good song upgrade function.
Main equipment: Chinese Oscar, Golden Flying Dragon, Sound King.
7. Central control system
   The system can effectively integrate the operations of each system into one organically, making the entire operation simple and clear, thereby saving operators and reducing the chance of operating errors. The system can remotely control DVD players and other equipment with infrared remote control, can control projectors, projection screens, can control ambient lighting, can control electric curtains and other equipment.
Intuitive graphic operation interface, easy to operate and reduce errors. The scene mode can be compiled according to different needs.
Main equipment: China CREATOR, Zhaoke, American AMX, American Crestron.
8. Multi-purpose lighting system
  As stage lighting, it meets the lighting requirements for holding various conferences, reports, press conferences, etc., such as: academic reports, forum lectures, commendation conferences, etc. It can also be used for lighting arrangements for evening parties, dance performances and other activities to meet the lighting requirements of various types of performances.
Main equipment: traditional lamps (China APUU, China Longda, etc.)
     effect lamps (Czech ROBE, Italy Coemar, China Pearl River, etc.)
     Lighting console (Strand in the UK, TIANHAO in China, CODE in China, SGM in Italy, etc.)
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