Put down your mobile phone and return to the living room, smart projection ushering in the era of hi

Put down your mobile phone and return to the living room, smart projection ushering in the era of high-definition

by:XY Screens     2021-09-03
To allow young people to return to the living room, we must first find out the reason why they are away from the living room, so that the right medicine can achieve immediate results. Except for work, all the fragmented time is occupied by smartphones or tablets. The reason is nothing more than the fact that mobile phones are equipped with intelligent systems, which can bring more wonderful experiences to users. Before the birth of smart phones and tablets, most of the fragmented time was left in the living room. Therefore, if you want young people to return to the living room, it is not enough to have a large screen. Intelligent development is destined to become inevitable.  As a smart projector that integrates intelligence and large screen, it provides users with large-screen visual effects while also having an intelligent experience. It has always been considered that it can replace traditional TVs in thousands of households. More experts believe that the emergence of smart projectors is very likely to become an opportunity for young people to put down their phones after get off work and return to the living room. However, due to the inability to achieve high-definition resolution, low brightness and contrast, and other reasons, the smart projector market has been tepid. Aware of this situation, the full HD smart home projector officially opened the high-definition era of smart projection. Most of the smart projectors we often see in the past belong to the category of micro-projection. It has a portable body and a long-life LED light source is its biggest advantage, but only has a resolution of 1280×800 and a brightness of no more than 1000 lumens. , Became its anti-war stumbling block. In contrast, although the ordinary size smart projector launched on the market this time is not a microcomputer, it has been greatly improved in terms of resolution and brightness, so that fans who have been criticized and smart projection cannot achieve 1080p full HD effect finally Got his wish.   In the free time after returning home from get off work, in addition to watching movies, playing games is also a pastime for many friends. Some of these brand products can download the game client you want to play on the machine, and you can play as long as you connect the gamepad or turn on the keyboard and mouse. Although this mode is similar to playing mobile games, the user's line of sight is no longer limited to a few inches. On the screen of your mobile phone, you are facing a large screen of tens of inches or hundreds of inches. Which kind of experience is more trustworthy and can be judged. The emergence of smart phones has made us leave the living room. I believe that the advent of smart projection. After turning on the full HD smart projection, we can also use the intelligent experience and the visual effects of the high-definition large screen to allow us to return to the living room when we return home from get off work. , Share happiness with family through the big screen.
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