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'Reunion 3' without black technology can only be reduced to a street fighter who is beaten

by:XY Screens     2021-08-29
Looking forward, looking forward to the arrival of May 11th. On this Friday of every year, Marvel fans can no longer restrain the small universe in the body, regardless of the boss’s obstruction to ask for leave, just rush in for the first time. Cinema. Although the editor has not yet grabbed a ticket to the 'Reunion 3' movie, but with the countless experience of the old driver reading the film, he has already made up a century war of the reunion counterattack Thanos. How can the [Avengers] be a big party that can bring these heroes with their own auras together to play. Not to mention all kinds of dazzling super powers, just watching Duang Duang's super futuristic technology is enough. In the Marvel universe where the poor rely on mutation and the rich rely on technology, the plot and the figure of the black widow are the biggest highlights, and the various black technologies that allow superheroes to reach the earth are the key points! The Iron Man who debuted in C is the representative of the black technology madness. Mr. Tony Gao, rich and handsome, holds Stark's top technology in his hand. The laser cannons from his palms can hardly resist even the shield of the US team. The blingbling Ark reactor on his chest will never worry about electricity bills for a lifetime. Black Panther, the lord of Wakanda, is rich and willful. As Marvel's richest trench, Panther is blessed with black technology all over his body. The vibrating suit can absorb unlimited energy and distribute it again. The invulnerable black panther is like a walking gourd King Kong. It is basically a delusion to destroy it. Thor's hammer, the small hammer that smashes your chest, the invincible vibrating shield of the American team, the high-speed moving wings of the falcon, the ant-man uniform that becomes bigger and smaller and more beautiful...Marvel captures it by these high-tech A large wave of heroic dreams of boys and girls. However, as the saying goes, I don’t want to be a hero. It’s not a good actor. Compared to Spider-Man who is bitten by a spider to gain superpowers and Single dogs who are bitten by a mad dog and vaccinated by a rabies...If Iron Man and other big coffees Without these black technology every second, do you know what these invincible heroes look like? Can it still be like this? Rich Iron Man VS Hanging Wire Iron Man The Iron Man whose equipment was unloaded, the unmatched aura vanished instantly. In this state to lead the team to fight Thanos, it is no wonder that he will be knocked down by a KO: Thor, who does not have a small hammer, was almost electrocuted by others: The vision of the yellow diamond expiration can only struggle: watching his teammates The U.S. team, who was beaten and did not wear a uniform and shield, could not intervene: Facing the opponents in the Six Gods outfits and the heroes who did not buy equipment, although the bones of the superior IQs were amazing, they possessed Schwarzenegger's powerful flesh. Can no longer exert the energy to change the world. Seeing the powerful strength of Fulian's black technology, scientists who have broken their hearts for earth technology have also produced a lot of cool and interesting black technology equipment: Iron Man's tactical exoskeleton is opposed by Iron Man's hard anti-Hulk Inspired by the battle armor, wearable mechanical skeletons have been put into production. As long as you wear it, your strength can instantly increase by 8-20 times, and the disabled can easily move the sofa. Phantom 3D printing Harvard University's 3D biological tissue printing structure Phantom is a combination of advanced artificial intelligence and simulated human body. Its body is obtained through tissue printing technology. Nowadays, the printing technology of eyes, ears and other partial organs in many countries in the world has matured. Once the printing phantom technology becomes a reality, countless cancer patients and people with disabilities can regain a new life by replacing the printed organs. Hulk stretch pants saw so many Marvel movies, Tang Tang has always had a question, why the Hulk has become so big pants can not hold it? This must be a black technology. Inspired by Hulk’s non-destructive panties, a German company has designed anti-sexual assault panties. It is said that they cannot be taken off, scratched or torn, and even scared away the pervert. The core technology of the imitation Hulk underwear is the special lock at the waist. As long as it is not unlocked according to the password, the whole special underwear cannot be torn or torn. If this kind of lock is forcibly torn apart by external force, its built-in siren will emit a 130 decibel siren, which will deter the pervert, but will also attract the attention of patrolmen and passers-by. Science fiction can be transformed into technology. The black technology of superheroes will show up in our sight in a way that you and I can't even think of.
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