review: carrie underwood charms sasktel centre with vocals, stage presence — and fireworks-XY Screen

review: carrie underwood charms sasktel centre with vocals, stage presence — and fireworks

by:XY Screens     2020-03-01
On Friday night, Kylie andwood conquered the crowd with her voice and stage performance at the SaskTel center, including fireworks, glitter and numerous projector screens.
On Friday night, Kylie andwood made a splash in the crowd of Saskatoon, bringing her iconic stunning vocals and stage performances filled with fireworks, projector screens and glitter.
In support of her sixth studio album of the same name, andwood took her cry beauty Tour 360 to SaskTel center.
This is the fourth time that andwood has stayed in Saskatoon for a headline tour.
The concert lineup of all the female actors is still quite rare, not to mention the list of six strong women on the country music stage.
But with her, andwood brought in the June opening performances Maddie & Tae and escape, and all six women exude strength while walking and dancing on stage
In Nashville, June, run away from home opens with authorized hymns such as falling in love with someone who ruined your lipstick instead of mascara, and emphasizes that they can \"buy (their)own drinks.
\"After that, the melody vocals of Maddie & Tae gathered together in the duet that matched the power of andwood\'s own voice.
The stage itself is set where it can only be described as a catwalk, forming half a circle through the middle of the floor --
It provides a rising stage for performers.
However, one drawback of the stage styling is the inevitable forced to watch the singer\'s back or projector screen play the complete song.
The problem was solved to some extent, and all the performers kept walking around the stage, adding screens to the whole stage during the andwood show.
Before andwood appeared on the stage, the added projector screen came down and surrounded the stage, showing the swirl of pink petals and fireworks, and the projection of andwood\'s eyes was a little too close.
At the entrance to andwood, she stood up from the middle of the stage, soaring in the crowd with a \"Southbound.
Throughout the evening, andwood performed \"Jesus on the wheel\" and \"before he cheated\" and \"Two Black Cadillac\" and \"things in the water\".
Between the songs, andwood mentioned that 14 years had passed since she won American Idol in 2005, and admitted that her two teammates had been with her since the beginning.
From there, they started an emotional mix of songs that they don\'t often perform with the aim of \"walking along the memory lane\", including \"temporary home,\" \"Goodbye, \"I know you won\'t,\" \"It\'s just a dream,\" along with what andwood\'s interpretation of Aerosmith\'s \"The dream is on.
Andwood\'s stage performance is also commendable as it is perfectly accompanied by the power of her voice.
They may not be needed.
Now that Redwood can only keep her voice on stage with her voice
Props such as the blood red recliner and the old school microphone used when \"drinking alone;
The various platforms on the stage made wood stand out from the crowd;
Her multiple gorgeous outfits will only continue to enhance the stage performance of andwood, contributing to a wonderful country music night at Saskatoon.
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