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Ring screen cinema system

by:XY Screens     2021-08-26
Ring screen theater can be understood as a theater system solution based on the ring screen projection system, including the ring screen system and the ring screen projection. The screen of the ring screen theater is different from the general movie screen. The ring screen theater uses a cylindrical projection screen to surround the viewer in the center. The super-long-span wide picture on the screen is full of the viewer's field of vision, and the omni-directional stereo sound complements and perfectly matches the plot of the movie, which provides a wonderful and immersive audio-visual enjoyment. There are many options for the arc of the ring screen theater. The radius of the ring screen usually ranges from 100 to 360 arcs. Individualized design and construction can be carried out according to the specific conditions of the venue to ensure the effect of the ring screen theater. The ring screen projection system is divided into stereo ring screen projection and non-stereo ring screen projection (1), multi-channel stereo ring screen projection system. Stereoscopic projection is divided into active and passive stereo. The passive stereo projection system uses two projectors, one projecting the left eye image, the other projecting the right eye image, and the left and right eye images are projected onto the screen at the same time. A polarizer is installed in front of the projector lens to change the projected light. The lens of the stereo glasses worn by the audience is also a polarizer, and the polarization direction of the polarizer for the left eye is the same as that of the projector that projects the left-eye image. The polarizer for the right eye is the same as the projection The polarization direction of the polarizer of the projector for the right eye image is the same, so that the left eye image can only pass through the left eye lens, and the right eye image can only pass through the right eye lens, so that the audience can see the stereo image , The general projection method is to drive a projector by a graphics channel. In a multi-projector system, all projection channels need to be supported, which is a multi-channel stereo ring screen system. The multi-channel three-dimensional ring screen system is based on the size of the ring screen, and the ring screen is distinguished according to the radius of the channel and the ring screen, usually 90, 120, 135, 180, 240, 270, 360 degrees of arc, generally divided into double Channel, three-channel, seven-channel, etc., among which two-channel and three-channel are the most commonly used. The dual-channel and three-channel stereo virtual simulation ring screen projection large screen is an immersive virtual simulation display environment in the virtual three-dimensional projection display system. This system uses edge fusion technology to form three-dimensional digital images into three-dimensional digital images for real-time output and display On a super-large-format flat projection screen wall, the viewer and participants can obtain an immersive virtual simulation visual experience. Usually used in some large-scale virtual simulation applications: virtual battlefield simulation, digital city planning, three-dimensional geographic information system and other large-scale scene simulation environments, exhibitions, industrial design, education and training, conference centers and other professional fields. Among them, the two-channel ring screen projection system adopts high-performance projector system, edge fusion technology, multi-channel synchronous playback and other technologies, making the display system have high immersion, impact and visual effects of presence. (2) Multi-channel arc-screen projection system Multi-channel arc-screen projection system refers to a multi-channel large-screen display system combined with multiple projectors, which can realize seamless splicing of large-screen loops. It has a larger display size, wider field of view, more display content, higher display resolution, and more impact and immersive visual effects than ordinary standard projection systems. Advantages of the ring screen theater system 1. Brings a super immersive lifelike audio-visual experience, which is unmatched by traditional flat screen projection display equipment; 2. Very high image resolution, three-dimensional images without any distortion; 3. Picture Super large, pure colors, magnificent and realistic scenes. Features of the ring screen theater system 1. Completely eliminate the physical seams at the edge of the image, realize the complete integration of the image, without distortion, and seamless multi-channel splicing; 2. Increase the brightness and resolution of the entire screen image; 3. Positive, Rear projection is optional to shorten the projection distance of the projector; 4. Support super-large flat projection screens, cylindrical (circular) projection screens, spherical projection screens and various special-shaped projection screen display environments; 5. Enhance image hierarchy; 6. Users can freely move the window and adjust the size to meet specific needs. Application areas (1), the establishment of traffic command and monitoring centers, network management centers; (2), video conferences, academic reports, technical lectures and multi-functional meetings; (3) virtual battlefield simulation, digital city planning, three-dimensional geographic information systems, etc. Large-scale scene simulation environment; (4), exhibitions, industrial design, education and training, conference centers and other professional fields; (5), science and technology museums, observatories, seismological bureaus, space agencies, schools, museums, exhibition halls and other places, through video Displaying popular science education content about the universe, planets, satellites, earthquakes, oceans, atmosphere, etc.; (6), corporate exhibition halls, government exhibition halls, cinemas, entertainment venues, high-level business clubs, tourist attractions, etc., which can be well-branded Display to improve the effect of publicity.
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