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Rose in the rain

by:XY Screens     2021-08-12
Poem: Rose in the rain: Man in the wind and rain Author: Jin Xumin Stepping on the hazy night, people, from different positions and different workshops, rushed in one direction. At the entrance of the engineering workshop, dozens of 'monacoons' are waiting for us. What we have to do is: let them sleep in a big truck. Nanjing, the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, is their home. Brother Biao said hello, Brother Ang is here, sister Nan is here, Yanzi is here, sister Hu is here, Gong Zhang is here, grandson is here, TOM is here, colleagues in the workshop are here... The moon was hidden, light rain began to fall in the sky, and the giants were moved to the carriage one by one. After a while, everyone was sweating. The masterpieces that are several meters in length and weigh hundreds of catties are neatly lined up and are spectacular. The rain was getting bigger and bigger, but it couldn't stop people's footsteps. The rain fell from the top of the head, the hair was wet, the shirt was wet, the trousers were wet, the phone was wet,...but it's not important, the important thing is: we are happy for giving. The nail pierced the foot, the plank pierced the arm, the box was squeezed, and the water soaked the shoes, but...but it is not important, the important thing is: we are happy for giving. Rose in the rain---Miss Yanzi, holding an umbrella in one hand, and pressing the flashlight of the mobile phone with the other, silently illuminate everyone. The faint light warms everyone's hearts and guides the operators. At the moment, she is the most beautiful, the most beautiful princess. Director Sun kept cheering everyone up, shouting slogans desperately, and the people under the night became the most beautiful scenery. We are happy because we are united and we are happy because we love each other. Thanks, let a group of wandering people find a second home in their lives, thank people, because of you, tomorrow will be better! , It is synonymous with love, it will accompany you and me, and lead us to a farther distance.
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