【Ruilian talks about the system skills of building a large-screen and surround-screen exhibition hal

【Ruilian talks about the system skills of building a large-screen and surround-screen exhibition hall] Application skills Ruilian Jiaye

by:XY Screens     2021-11-06
Large-screen ring-screen exhibition halls have increasingly become heavy equipment in corporate exhibition halls. Some leaders joked: The large screen ring screen system is equivalent to a cannon. Without this playful exhibition hall, it is not called a modern exhibition hall.
Ruilian Jiaye Company (4006508282, 15811169225, 13801105972, www.super_view.com.cn) is a well-known expert in large screen exhibition halls in China. He has designed many exhibitions with large screens inside the company. hall. Today, I will talk about design skills with the example of the corporate exhibition hall within the Radio and Television Group. Below is the exhibition hall to be built on the 12th floor of the group.

In the middle of the entrance of this exhibition hall, a three-channel circular large screen with an arc length of 9.1 meters and a chord length of 7.6 meters is designed. How to design the ring screen large screen system to be both open and independent? From a design point of view, it is necessary to have a hat, so that the top of the hat forms a visual space in the space, and the right of opening and closing is possible within the space covered by the top of the hat. So Ruilian designed a dome on the large screen of the ring screen, and designed a spiral track on the side of the dome, and hung the red flannel on the track. Three projectors are fixed on the dome to play the overall picture. According to the needs of the exhibition objects, when playing different film sources, the exhibition hall staff can choose to brush the fleece to form an independent broadcasting hall, or open the broadcasting hall without drawing the cloth.
Therefore, knowing more about the sense of visual space can make the ring-screen playing hall more dynamic.
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