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Safety identification method of outdoor column type LED display

by:XY Screens     2021-09-08
Outdoor column type LED displays are classified into single column LED displays and double column LED displays according to the size of the screen. Due to the stronger load-bearing effect of double columns, double column displays will be used for larger screens. It is mostly installed in places with a wide view and relatively open space, such as squares, parking lots, etc. In addition to the steel structure of the screen body, the column LED display needs to be made of concrete or steel columns, mainly considering the geological conditions of the foundation. Nowadays, LED display has become an important media equipment for outdoor advertising. We can see its tall figure on city streets and highways. Its appearance can enable us to learn the latest information at any time. The development of society has made a significant contribution. However, the cost of installing an outdoor advertising screen is very high. Therefore, how to make the display screen to be used for a long time and ensure its safe use is a problem that every display screen manufacturer and advertiser are very concerned about. Today, Huaze Optoelectronics Technology, a well-known LED display company, will explain to you how to appraise the reliability of outdoor column-type displays: First, perform appraisal and testing on the basis of column-type displays. There are two main forms and layouts of its foundation: 1. One is the balanced gravity type, that is, the upper load is mainly balanced by the gravity of the large-volume foundation, which is generally a concrete foundation. This foundation form is suitable for use when the soil is soft and there is an open construction site. 2. The other is pile foundation type, which is mainly based on reamed piles. This type of foundation type can be used when the construction site is limited. When appraising the foundation of the advertising screen, the original drawings and construction materials must be checked first, and then the foundation must be excavated when conditions permit, to find out whether the foundation form, buried depth, size, etc. are consistent with the drawings, and the advertisement The screen foundation concrete is sampled for strength testing. In addition, for advertising screens with balanced gravity foundations during on-site surveys, special attention must be paid to whether the foundation soil is uplifted or loose around the roots of the steel pillars, and the soil surface is formed after the foundation shakes under the action of wind load. If there is a collapse, it means that the anti-overturning of the foundation can no longer meet the requirements. There is a danger of collapse under the action of strong wind at any time, and it must be reinforced immediately. Under normal circumstances, this kind of situation is rarely seen with the use of deep pile foundation advertising screens. Second, test and appraise the material of the column. 1. Check the quality of the connection between the steel column and the foundation. The advertising screen steel pipe column and the foundation are generally bolted or welded. For bolted connections, check for missing bolts during inspection, and the bolts must not be deformed, slipped or loosened; if there are design drawings, the specifications and models of the bolts must meet the design requirements; the bolts should be rust-proofed. If the corrosion is serious, it must be replaced immediately. The bolts should be fastened firmly and reliably; for high-strength bolts, the number of exposed threads should be 2 to 3 threads, and 10% of the bolt threads should be exposed to 1 or 4 threads; bolts are embedded The depth must meet the requirements of the specification. 2. Inspection of the steel column. Firstly, the inclination of the steel column of the advertising screen must be measured, and the inclination of the steel column must not be greater than 1000/H. It must be measured in two directions; secondly, the quality of the steel column of the advertising screen must be tested. The appearance quality of the steel can be divided. For uniformity, whether there are interlayers, cracks, non-metallic inclusions and obvious segregation. When there is any doubt about the quality of the steel, samples can be taken from the components to inspect the mechanical properties of the steel and analyze the chemical composition, but the safety of the structural components should be ensured. Finally, check the steel pipe column for corrosion and the quality of the steel structure protective coating. The quality of protective coatings for steel structures shall be tested in accordance with the current relevant national product standards on the quality of coatings. Third, the inspection of the upper steel frame member system. At present, there are two commonly used forms for the connection of the steel column and the upper steel frame member system: 1. One is T-shaped, and its main frame is formed by the T-shaped fixed connection of the steel column and the upper transverse main beam. The screen is connected with the T-shaped rigid frame structure through various pendants and diagonal braces. 2. The other is the space truss type. The main frame is welded by an independent steel column and several parallel horizontal main beams on the upper part. The main beams are connected by horizontal and diagonal supports to form a space truss system. The advertising screen is directly installed on the main frame. Therefore, there will be more or less safety hazards when outdoor led advertising screens have been used for a period of time. This requires us to regularly inspect and maintain the main structure of the advertising screens, and do rust prevention and other treatments on the steel components, so as to ensure the outdoor Column-type display is reliable for quality, safety and reliability.
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