Save money in a big second: use a flat white wall instead of the projection screen Projection screen

[Save money in a big second: use a flat white wall instead of the projection screen] Projection screen application skills

by:XY Screens     2021-11-06
Projection screens are bought with money, but if you use a white wall for projection, you can save this money, so many consumers will ask: Can we use walls instead of projection screens? The answer is simple-yes! Consumers may save the money to buy a DVD. But then again, although the wall can replace the screen, its effect is certainly not as good as the projection screen. Replacing the projection screen with a white wall must face the following problems.
   First of all, because the projection screen is more professional, its surface is covered with a layer of optical material, which improves its reflection performance, which is not available in white walls. If the user wants to use a white wall to project, the picture can also be presented, but the effect is not as good as the screen, the brightness will be reduced, the contrast and color saturation will be reduced, and it will be different according to the wall paint and material. To reduce the sharpness of the picture. Some users may switch to screen projection after seeing the projection effect on the wall, because it reduces the actual effect of the projector's performance.
   Another more important issue is that the frame of the screen also has an important impact on the projection effect. Consumers may not realize that the black frame of the screen can improve the contrast and brightness of the video, so if If the wall is used for projection, the entire wall is white, except for the picture, it is still white, which reduces the visual effect. Unless the user paints the other parts of the wall in dark colors, this problem is inevitable, but Doing so affects the beauty of the home, and the gains outweigh the losses.
   If consumers are buying an entry-level projector now, it is best not to save the money for the screen, because the performance of the entry-level projector is not very high, and the use of white walls will further deteriorate its performance The effect, if you must use a wall as a projection screen, you must also have a white wall. Consumers should not take it for granted that StewartFirehawk, a well-known screen brand, is all gray, so if you paint your own projection wall to gray, it will be great. Wrong, wrong, StewartFirehawk's screen is gray, because it was covered with a layer of optical material, this coating improves the optical reflection effect, it is not as simple as the general 'grayIf you paint the wall to gray, the projected picture will be much bleak, and so on, if you paint the wall black to project, then you may not see any picture.
  Think carefully, users will upgrade projectors and other home appliances more frequently, but the screen is more durable and its life cycle is relatively long. It is recommended that users make a long-term investment and buy it for the first time. When you use the projector, you buy a screen. This will not only improve the effect of the picture, but you can still use the screen when the projector is replaced. Editor's point of view
  The industry stipulates that the gain of a matt white wall is 1, which means that this white wall and a white plastic screen with a gain of 1 have the same projection effect. If we choose those white plastic screens with a gain of 1, then it would be better to save this money. In previous articles, we introduced to readers in detail how to DIY a white wall to replace the screen, which shows that this is indeed feasible. However, there are many factors that restrict consumers from having to buy screens. In modern homes, the white wall is hard to see. If you paint a white wall in the hall with a border around it, although it can be used as a screen, it will cost a certain amount of cost and affect the overall beauty of the home. It is also a big test for the user's hands-on ability. The white wall created in this way can't actually achieve a gain of 1. Considering that most of the household projectors have low brightness, if the gain of the screen is less than 1, then the effect is conceivable that it will not be too good. Mima’s suggestion is: If your home’s wall itself is white, you don’t need a screen at all in the short term. After you have a good understanding of the screen, you can purchase a screen suitable for the projector you are using. If the walls in your home are not white, it is imperative to purchase a suitable screen as soon as possible.
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