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Screen and Liyue Food Basketball Friendly Match

by:XY Screens     2021-08-15
2013.04.24, the company and Liyue employees held a friendly basketball match in the industrial park. The game was played at 5 pm. The game has not yet started, and the deep friendship is fully visible. The two teams called for the cheerleading team, composed of many beautiful women. Every time a goal is scored, there will be beautiful shouts to appreciate. As the game progresses and the scores alternately rise, the players of the two teams are getting more and more in shape. Some take off their shirts. Although not very elegant, they are very strong. It is also a kind of scenery, especially sweaty and shiny. Bright male beauty. Although it is an amateur level competition, you should not underestimate it, look! There is an unknown young man who swiftly moved forward, swaying several defensive players one after another, making all the personnel applaud again and again, okay! it is good! Goal, scored! For the reputation of his team and company, every goal is so precious! In Pinbo, it shows the unyielding demeanor of contemporary people. The spring breeze slowly fell, the night fell, and when the lanterns first came, the two teams shook hands and made peace, took a group photo, and met to fight again!
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