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Screen applied to Shenzhen University

by:XY Screens     2021-08-14
Three-channel fusion 3D completion time: 2012-12-13 Location: Shenzhen University Products: 8.3m*2.4m metal arc-shaped hard screen (3D effect), 3 engineering projectors, 1 fusion device, 5.1 sound system One set of roads and several accessories. Screen features: The screen surface is flat and smooth with uniform curvature, and it can still maintain bright colors and clear images when it is bright indoors. There is no physical splicing gap, and the whole screen is seamless. The rollable sheet and surface layer solve the problems of transportation, handling and installation of the super-large curved curtain. The arc-shaped outer frame of aluminum alloy velvet and the arc-shaped curtain are integrated, round and beautiful, without any abrupt feeling.
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