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Screen employee democratic life meeting and the first employee PK event

by:XY Screens     2021-08-14
At 13:30 pm on April 12, 2014, the projection headquarters held the 'Democratic Life Meeting for Screen Employees and the First PK Activity for Employees'. PK is divided into five teams: Snow Leopards (Snow Leopards, Snow Leopards, Pride), Flying Teams (Flying and Flying, surpassing everything), Sirius Team (Sirius Sirius, forever brilliant), Blood Wolf Team (Blood Wolf Blood Wolf, I The most publicity), wild wolf team (wild wolf wild wolf, belong to me the strongest, kill kill kill kill). Activity link: 1. Admission of judges: Yue Biao (Deputy General Manager), Xiao Guanghui (Deputy General Manager), Sun Zhiming (Deputy General Manager), Professor Liu (Consultant), Liao Hui (CIC General Manager), Huang Dongqin (Gathering Talents) General Manager), Tan Wende (Director of Talent Convergence); 2. Vice President Mr. Yue Biao speaks; 3. Deputy President Mr. Xiao Guanghui announces the rules of the competition and draws lots to determine the order of admission; 4. The team competition officially starts; 5. All are given birthdays in April For my colleagues’ birthday, the company gave birthday gifts and birthday cakes; 6. Each team sent a representative to give a speech 'Do you think it is necessary for employees to conduct PK'. Among them, the representative of Sirius Zhang Yan created a poem 'To (Everyone didn’t know this before the game) 'To' pursues you thousands of miles away, you are quietly there, graceful, calm, quiet, and a bit mysterious. I want to touch you, but I am afraid of awakening you. , So I can only love you silently, don’t be afraid of you here, there is nothing wrong with you, you give us the strength to fight, the morale of unity, the cohesion of love, I hope we will always be together...7. Deep reflection on the audience Session (5 minutes), what did you do for yourself, your family, and the company, and the society, why you always give up when you are so close...; 8. Vice President and Captain Sun Zhiming announces the results of the competition; 9. Awards are presented by the judges ;10. Professor Liu gives a speech; eleven. All the choruses, (the company has sang the national anthem every Monday morning, raised the national flag, sang the company’s song, and raised the flag for ten years since 2004), the commander-in-chief Mr. Sun Zhiming announced the successful conclusion of the event.
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