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Screen-fine picture frame projector screen

by:XY Screens     2021-08-15
The screen surface of the high-quality picture frame projector is soft and flat, not easy to be deformed, with rich and delicate light and dark levels, high contrast, bright and bright colors without glare, and full texture. The effective viewing angle is 160 degrees, and the gain is 1.2 times. It guarantees the clear and lifelike picture. It is the first choice for screening ordinary movies, and it is also suitable for digital movies with small screens. Flocking aluminum alloy frame, fashionable and trendy, easy to install. Composed of four-sided inlaid aluminum alloy frame, the screen surface adopts planar positioning treatment to ensure uniform force on the screen, effectively eliminating water ripples and V-shaped patterns in the surrounding area, perfectly reflecting the mirror-like pure flat screen, 6.5CM aluminum alloy frame, surface Electrostatic flocking treatment, a variety of colors of flannel are available to suit different decoration styles. Highlight the breath of the times, stylish and concise appearance, noble and generous.
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