Screen: Go to the Middle East and walk into the Dubai audio-visual experience hall symposium-XY Scre

Screen: Go to the Middle East and walk into the Dubai audio-visual experience hall symposium

by:XY Screens     2021-08-13
On the afternoon of January 26, 2015, a symposium on going to the Middle East into the Dubai audio-visual experience hall was held at the Shenzhen headquarters of the screen company. The symposium invited many well-known companies and associations in the industry, including ACTO, Absen, Big Screen Industry Association, Silver Screen, China Investment Media and other company CEOs, heads of associations, and company representatives, totaling more than 30 people. Get together to discuss how to enter Dubai and open up the international market! (Chairman Zhang Xuefei) Some seminars were hosted by Mr. Liu of CIC Media. At the beginning of the meeting, Professor Liu from the Research Institute of Tsinghua University gave instructions on the problems in the audio-visual industry and the development direction of the audio-visual industry, affirmed the good aspects, and made clear instructions on the areas that need improvement. (Professor Liu from Research Institute of Tsinghua University) At the meeting, the company’s chairman Zhang Xuefei first reviewed the company’s more than 10 years of development on behalf of the company’s leadership team, and then described the company’s work and growth process over the past 10 years from different perspectives. The company's 12-year growth history has been described one by one, and an in-depth analysis of the company's entry into Dubai to develop the international market has been done. Mr. Zhang pointed out: “The experience pavilion project enriches offline experience, but it must go abroad. At the same time, the experience pavilion is an important part of promotion and brand promotion. It should be based on online and offline complementarity.” Mr. Zhang pointed out that the development of various industries has reached The bottleneck is overcome, and the space for development is limited. If greater development is required, some new methods and methods should be added while absorbing the essence of the industry to promote the development of the entire industry. Mr. Zhang’s wonderful explanation made everyone more full of information about entering Dubai and going to the international market. Afterwards, everyone went to the stage to discuss and speak, and put forward good suggestions on how to enter Dubai, how to participate, the required funding, the search for good promotional methods for the product, the management of the venue, and the problems encountered in various aspects of the work. Mr. Tu has answered all kinds of questions one by one. To promote the development of the industry, Dr. Zhou Jianjun, general manager of Global Audio-visual Network, talked about the new globalization strategy in 2015. Dr. Zhou proposed the appreciation of the RMB, challenged and squeezed by Japan and South Korea, the international audio-visual industry shuffled, and Chinese companies ushered in internationalization. Opportunities, and tells some cases and analysis and reasons. Dr. Zhou is a sentimental person who wants to do something for Chinese companies, to take Chinese companies to the world, and to provide a full range of services for the vast number of international companies. Finally, Professor Liu made a summary of the meeting. After a comprehensive discussion of the audio-visual industry in this forum today, it was revealed that there are many problems that need to be resolved when entering the Middle East Audio-visual Experience Hall. Professor Liu’s message is that the audio-visual industry will Better and better, tomorrow will be better! Afterwards, the symposium was finished perfectly under the song of the lovely staff on the screen! (Exhibitors) (Site of the seminar) (Song of People Show) Event Organizer: Dubai SNOWMOKEE Audiovisual Experience Hall Event Organizer: Shenzhen Projection Display Technology Co., Ltd. Event Co-organizer: Dubai Zhonglian Electronics China Investment Media Global Audiovisual Industry Association Support media: China Projection Network, Global Audiovisual Network, Audio Network, LED Big Screen Network, AV-CHINA.COM
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