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Screen goo 3D projection paint applied to the world-renowned DJ tour site

by:XY Screens     2021-10-01
Tim Bergling is a well-known Swiss DJ producer. He was nominated as a Grammy DJ Music Producer at the age of 22. In 2011, he ranked sixth in DJ Magazine's 100 and was named the most successful dance genre in 2012. In 2010, he first appeared on the DJ Mag World Top 100 DJ rankings. His 38th place made him the youngest member of the Top 40. Avicii ranked 6th in the 2011 Top 100 DJs list, and Avicii ranked 3rd in the 2012 Top 100 DJs list. Head model projection paint spray painting process stage production renderings in the stage of the tour in 2012, the production team designed a huge avatar stage with a height of more than 8 meters, the entire avatar and back panel were sprayed with Canadian Screen goo 3D projection paint , To provide more brilliant projection effects throughout the scene. On-site effect diagram 1 On-site effect diagram 2 On-site effect diagram 3 On-site effect diagram 4 On-site effect diagram 5 On-site effect diagram 6 Screen goo brand introduction: Screen goo screen paint was developed by Canada Goo System for digital projection in 2000, and its performance is through Produced by years of research and development and meticulous production technology, it is an acrylic coating with the highest reflective performance. It allows anyone to transform a flat paintable surface into a high-performance projection screen without special tools and skills. Screen goo products include a variety of coatings. You can choose the paint suitable for your project from a variety of different combinations to match a variety of projection equipment to enjoy the highest picture quality. It is suitable for multimedia fusion projection project, conference room projection, home theater and other occasions. Products include front projection paint, rear projection paint and 3D silver gray paint. Regardless of the size of the screen and the two-dimensional or three-dimensional image, screen goo has a product that can suit you. The use of screen paint can be extended indefinitely as you imagine. Features: 1. True color presentation 2. High brightness uniformity, no solar effect 3. Wider horizontal and vertical viewing angles 4. Free from restrictions on screen size, curved surfaces, etc. 5. Water-soluble, pollution-free environmentally friendly paint
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