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[Screen ratio, I know the projection screen is easy to buy] Projection screen purchase common sense

by:XY Screens     2021-11-04
If you successfully purchase a projector, you must match it with a good screen. So in today's prevalence of projectors, the projection screen market has also become popular. However, many people are very familiar with the purchase of a projector, but are at a loss as to what to do with the projection screen, especially the ratio of the projection screen, such as 4:3, 16:9, 2.35:1, etc., some netizens I have never understood this point. Which aspect ratio should be the most suitable for you? Speaking of this, I think you should first understand the definition of screen ratio. After you understand what the screen ratio is, it is much easier to choose.
Let's first understand the screen ratio. The screen ratio refers to the vertical and horizontal ratio of the screen. The screen aspect ratio can be expressed by the ratio of two integers or a decimal, such as 4:3 or 1.33. The aspect ratio of ordinary computer monitors and data signals and ordinary TV signals is 4:3 or 1.33, while the aspect ratio of movies, DVDs and high-definition TVs is 16:9 or 1.78.
When the aspect ratio of the input source image is different from the aspect ratio supported by the display device, the picture will be deformed and missing. That is to say, 16:9 images are displayed on a 4:3 screen in three ways: the first is the Anemographic method, which stretches vertically when fully filled horizontally until it fills the screen, so that the image looks better than Originally thin; the second method is the character box-A (Letterbox-A) method, the 16:9 image remains undistorted, but leaves a black bar on the top and bottom of the screen; the third method is -B (Letterbox- B) Method is a compromise between the first two methods. Both sides in the horizontal direction are part of the screen, and the vertical black bars are narrower than the second method. The aspect ratio of the image is 14:9. In order to cater to the needs of home entertainment, current home notebooks usually have a screen aspect ratio of 16:9 or 16:10.
After understanding these, I believe you will be more calm when making choices. Regardless of the ratio, as long as it is suitable for you, it is good. Next, the author briefly introduces the simple definitions of various screen ratios for netizens.
First look at 4:3. This aspect ratio has been used for many years, and it is also the first aspect ratio that consumers are familiar with. 4:3 means that the width of the movie picture is 1.33 times the height. In the 1950s, the newly born TV industry faced the question of what screen ratio was adopted as the TV standard. In order to facilitate the transfer of movies to TV screens, the National Television Standards Committee (NTSC) finally decided to adopt the college standard as the standard ratio of TV, which is the origin of the 4:3 TV screen ratio. This ratio is still the dominant standard for television to this day.
16:9 is called the golden ratio. With the development of the times, at present, the 16:9 screen ratio has been adopted in the high-definition televisions and movie programs that have developed standards. Because people have discovered in long-term practice that the horizontal angle of view suitable for humans is larger than the vertical angle of view, and that the scenery that people see in daily life is infinite. In order to expand the audience’s field of vision and increase the realism of the scene, we will The ratio of 4:3 is squared, and the ratio of 16:9 appears, and the screen made with this ratio is often called a widescreen.
2.35:1, in fact, the ratio of 4:3 is raised to the third power, the purpose is the same as 16:9, to expand the horizontal field of view. The current 2.35:1 film format is gradually being adopted by many Hollywood blockbusters. The 2.35:1 ratio screen does bring different sensory enjoyment to the vision, so when the imaging equipment develops to a state, the 2.35:1 ratio screen will be another new direction.
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