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Screen surge, domestic 'non-blockbuster movies' have room for survival?

by:XY Screens     2021-08-13
These are two scenes that theoretically shouldn't appear together, but they are being staged in the Chinese film market at the same time: on the one side, domestic screens are proliferating, with an average of 9 new screens meeting the audience every day; on the other side, there are constantly small and medium cost film stations. Come out and complain, screaming 'We want to survive.'   It’s the New Year's Eve now, and the films are intensively uploaded. There are often two films or even three or four films released on the same day. However, the reporter visited a number of urban theaters, and the movies that appeared in the schedule were mainly five or six popular movies, less than half of the total number of movies released, and most of the 'hidden' movies were small and medium cost movies.  According to the usual thinking: with the increase of screens, there will be more films to choose from in theaters, and the problem of difficulty in showing domestically made small and medium-sized films should be solved accordingly. But in the opinion of Nie Wei, a professor at the School of Film and Television Technology of Shanghai University, this may be just a beautiful fantasy of wishful thinking, or a lack of understanding of the composition and structure of domestic theaters. 'Although screens are proliferating, it is only an increase of the same kind. The extra ones are commercial cinemas, and there are no new types of cinemas, such as art cinemas or cinemas that show small and medium-cost films.' He said, it is like a river, just Expanded the width, and there is no more branch. The profit-seeking nature of commercial cinemas determines which film they make money to put them on. For this reason, there is a more pessimistic view that as the number of screens increases, the number of films that audiences can see may be even less.   'It is not easy to watch a movie you want to watch'    '10 billion yuan!' This is the total box office total of the Chinese film market last year, and it took only 10 months to complete this year. However, it is difficult for people in the industry to really feel happy about the 10 billion yuan that has arrived ahead of schedule, because behind the brilliant data is the bleak figure of 'countless dead films.' According to the National Film Technology Working Conference held not long ago, in the first three quarters of this year, more than 450 feature films were produced nationwide, but most of them did not have the opportunity to appear in the public eye. Even if they were shown in theaters, they stayed for a while. 'It's not easy to watch the movie I want to watch.' Nie Wei said, 'When the movie 'Hello, Mr. Tree' was released in Shanghai, I happened to have just returned from a business trip. After I got out of Hongqiao Airport, I went straight to the theater and someone asked to eat I didn’t go to the hairy crabs, because there were only two or three shows of 'Hello, Mr. Tree' in the city that day. If I missed this one, I went to the suburbs to watch it.”    In theory, after a movie was released, it gained popularity and reputation in the first week. , The second and third weeks enter the box office harvest period, and then slowly go down in the fourth week. However, the reporter learned from the population in charge of a cinema that nowadays, the release cycle of a movie in the cinema is 3 to 7 days. When two or three movies are shown in one day, they may be withdrawn after only one show. .   'Waiting for a movie to slowly accumulate popularity is tantamount to smashing one's job.'    In this regard, many people point their finger at the theater, thinking that they are too snobbish, but the theater has something to say. 'We are a company and we must survive!' Qian Junya, general manager of SMI Studios, said bluntly. For example, he said, 'Turning the MountainOnly 15% to 20%. While '33 Days of Broken Love' released in the same period, although its reputation is uneven, its average attendance rate is above 50%, and it is full during prime time at night. 'Which movie do you think the theater should choose?' Qian Junya sighed.   In fact, the increasing pressure to survive has also made it difficult for theaters to have the patience to wait for a movie to slowly gain popularity. Take an eight-hall theater in the prosperous area of u200bu200bHongkou District as an example. The box office for a year is 18 million yuan. According to a 50% share of accounts, the theater can get around 9 million yuan. It may seem like a lot of money, but you may not think so after calculating an account: one year’s staff labor cost is 1.2 million yuan, water and electricity plus 2.7 million yuan for equipment maintenance, the biggest one is For rent, on the basis of a guaranteed rent of 3 million yuan, the landlord also requires a box office share of 3%-8%. After this calculation, income and expenditure can only be basically flattened. The cinema manager told reporters that in Shanghai, for cinemas to make a profit, they must achieve a box office of at least 20 million yuan a year. Among the more than 100 commercial cinemas in Shanghai, only 20 can achieve this number. 'China's theater construction has just started and is still in the'gold rush' stage. It is unlikely that you will smash your job for a few niche movies.'    Another current situation that cannot be ignored is that the output of single screens is declining: relative Compared with the total box office of 7.58 billion yuan in the first three quarters of last year, it only increased by 1.92 billion yuan in the same period of this year; the average box office of a single screen did not increase but declined, from 1.63 million yuan to 1.08 million yuan, a drop of 550,000 yuan. According to industry insiders, the performance of many old theaters has fallen sharply compared to the same period last year, with a low of more than ten percent and a high of even 40%.
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