Screen Thanksgiving

by:XY Screens     2021-08-14
On November 17, 2011, a new member was added to the big family of the screen. She was Yang Yuehua. In 2009, due to some last resort, she had to leave our big family temporarily, and then, after dealing with her own affairs, another time Choose, choose our team. Thank you Yuehua for your trust in the company and your nostalgia for our team. Thanks to all the employees who have placed their trust in the company, let us join hands in tomorrow! Moved and grateful Yang Yuehua once shared the good memories with everyone 'Come on!' Where did a very familiar and familiar voice come from? Oh, it turned out to be the Xiaojing beauty we used to work together in Shenzhen. This is my second time to come back, November 14, 2011. Soon, Xiaojing took me to visit the office, and took me to the office area of u200bu200bmy colleagues where everyone worked together before, such as Manager Zhang, Director Feng, Meili Zhou, Brother Bin, and... Yeah! It seems so familiar, as if returning to the previous home. At this time, I was very excited. I remembered that once I was ill and took a rest in the dormitory, Manager Yao would personally call to say whether it was better? …….. Looking back on every footprint left by the past, it is not deep or shallow. The scenes emerge from my mind like a movie. Life is like a cup of coffee without sugar. It tastes bitter, but it has a good aftertaste. The fragrance that won't go away for a long time. I chatted a few words with the old guys here, asking about the cold and warm, such as 'how are you doing now' topics, soon time passed,! On the morning of November 17th, Manager Xiao of the Human Resources and Administration Department of the company called to inform me that I would report to work today. At this time, I don’t know what to say! This day is the day when I become an employee again. Hereby I am very grateful to Mr. Zhang and the company's leaders for their trust and concern for me, and thank them once again for leaving the opportunity to an ordinary girl. Yes, I can only have a clear conscience if I work hard to do my current job, constantly learn new knowledge, and do my own thing. We must not forget that without the development of an enterprise, there will be no personal career achievements. Enterprises are closely connected with us, especially in today's bad market environment. Only when we all ride through the difficult times and work together can we create a better and more brilliant future together!
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