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Screen-two-lift electric screen

by:XY Screens     2021-08-15
The secondary lifting electric screen is designed to solve the problem that the house is too high, the projection screen is too high from the ground, and the participants have a hard time watching the projection content. When using the projection screen, first lower it to a proper distance from the ground. Height, and then open the screen to project the picture. After the projection screen is used up, put the screen away, and then raise it back to its original position as a whole. This not only enables participants to watch the projection content more comfortably, but also does not affect the overall environment of the venue. It is mainly applicable to: churches, star hotels, theaters, science and technology museums, museums, etc. (The lifting distance can be arbitrarily customized within 5 meters. Because the screen is equipped with a pendant-proof differential automatic controller and a retractable power supply, the shortest height of the screen after being stowed is 65CM) It adopts a pearl white screen with a micro diamond pattern engraved on the screen, The texture is fine and smooth, the texture is smooth and smooth, which effectively eliminates light ripples and can perfectly restore the saturation of the color. The curtain surface is soft and flat, not easy to deform, the basic tone of the pure color curtain surface, rich and delicate light and dark levels, high contrast, bright and bright colors without dazzling, full texture. The gain is 1.1, and the viewing angle is 140 degrees. The secondary lifting curtain is controlled by two tubular motors to control the two inner tubes, which are reliable in performance, accurate in positioning, and have a thermal protection system. At the same time, the product uses a special steel belt to cooperate with the hoist, which solves the problem of ordinary lifters due to wire jumpers. The inconsistent wiring at the left and right ends of the screen will cause differences in height, which will affect the use effect and service life. The secondary lifting screen is equipped with an anti-dropping device and a retractable power supply, which is safe and reliable. The curtain is green and environmentally friendly. The product has passed RHOS certification. The methanol content is less than 20mg. It has the characteristics of light resistance, washing resistance and flame retardancy. The surface of the screen is not easy to age, does not fade, yellow, deform, and has no peculiar smell. It is moisture-proof and mildew-proof. .
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