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Screen vs. Wall: Why you need projector screens for home theater?

Screen vs. Wall: Why you need projector screens for home theater?


Entertainment has gone through many upgrades especially in the current highly digitally-inclined world. The creation and presentation of many entertainment forms have been more advanced and detailed as afforded by new equipment and cutting-edge technology.


From the first movie houses to IMAX, the quality of movie-going experience has greatly improved over the years, as well. From black and white to colored films up to 3D and Dolby Digital surround sound.


Home theatres have also been something that has been gaining popularity over the years. Imagine seeing movies in the comfort of home without sharing the venue with other people. Most find this one luxury that is worth having especially for people who like to spend quality time with family.


For home theatres, one can choose to have it in a separate room with special speakers and acoustically amped room to complete the feeling of being in an actual movie theatre. For others who have it simple, they invest in projectors and good quality speakers and they are set. Now, the projector should be complemented by a screen for people to be able to enjoy the picture.


Projection screens do not come with the projector when you purchase them. Home movie screens can be pricey, so people sometimes opt to just project the screen on a bare white wall. Practically, this works, too. However, if you are after the good quality of the movie you want to watch then you might consider investing in a projector screen.


Here are some reasons why this is an investment that is worth it:

1. Light quality

This is the main difference. There are elements that may vary greatly when you project on a wall and when you have a home movie screen.

Projector screens have borders. These borders help in the quality of the movie since it keeps the images in proper placing as you watch. This also affects the quality of the visuals of anything that you project because they provide somewhat of a contrast to the color of the screen.

Projector screens also have a special coating on them that is calibrated with the proper amount of reflectivity that is crucial for your home theater. There is a reason why movie houses regulate light inside the cinemas and this is mainly to maximize the visibility of the images. In your home theater, if the lights cannot be regulated as much, then it would pay to invest on a screen that can bring out the quality of the picture by having light-regulating properties.


2. Image quality

Images projected on a wall may also not be able to produce the right quality of images that your projector is able to deliver. Since the projector is also an investment, it is essential that you get the maximum quality of performance from it.


For images projected on the wall, sharpness of the image is lessened. The colors are not as vivid and contrast may be off.


Projecting on a wall, especially of the wall is not smooth enough can also alter some minor qualities of the images on the movie and you may miss some minute details while watching.


Since projector screens are specialized to work hand in hand with a projector then you can be sure of the integrity of the picture delivered to you as it should be.


3. Overall experience

Home movie screens can give you the viewing experience closer to that of what you have in a movie theater. The point of spending on a projector is for you to be able to enjoy the quality of movies similar to how it is in cinemas but within the comforts of your own home. One way to maximize this is to make sure that the experience is worth the cost.


Home movie screens also allow you to set up one space in your home as a regular viewing space and not having to move things around to find the best bare wall to project your movie on.


Although the price is a consideration, the benefits of using a home movie screen compared to a bare wall can pay off over time especially when you see your family enjoy a movie or for when you impress your friends when you host a movie marathon at home.

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