See the essence through the phenomenon and see the difference of the projector from the technology-X

See the essence through the phenomenon and see the difference of the projector from the technology

by:XY Screens     2021-08-16
Recently, we have seen that the 'color brightness' parameter proposed by Epson has been recognized by international authoritative organizations. For so many years, Epson has provided color brightness indicators and 3LCD technology projection products for the same development and promotion, making it a projection The leader and pioneer of the machine market. Friends who are familiar with the projection market know that in the field of projectors, the current two major technology camps are 3LCD and DLP projection technology. Both of these technologies are constantly developing and growing, and both have received the attention and recognition of the market. In the current user demand-oriented market, we feel that a balanced layout can better work together towards common prosperity. However, the difference is the difference, and we should recognize the difference between the two technologies and use our own strengths to make up for our shortcomings in order to achieve common prosperity and development. First of all, we return to the traditional DLP projection technology. As the projection technology with the largest market share, it has a very rich product series and is also used in all walks of life, so it obviously has a very mature technology and market. But we still need to see and analyze its disadvantages. With traditional DLP projection technology, a high-speed rotating color wheel is designed in the projection area, and the corresponding R, G, and B primary colors are output through the red, green, and blue wheels above the wheel, so that the three primary colors can be output at high speed. The light sources are emitted and converged at the same point, so the various color and black-and-white images composed of the three primary colors that we see are formed. However, with such projection technology, the service life of high-speed roulette is limited, and light energy cannot be used reasonably and effectively. Moreover, many manufacturers are too pursuing 'brightness' and add a white color wheel to the color wheel. Although this approach can effectively improve the white brightness, in this case, it will inevitably weaken the color brightness output, so this product has limitations Sex is also very obvious. As for 3LCD technology, he is actually a projection type projection technology. When imaging, it uses 3 LCDs to achieve projection, and in the projection process, it generates brighter, natural, and eye-friendly images and projection methods. In the process of projection work, 3LCD first gives the lights to new shapes and actions through their respective liquid crystal panels, and then mixes the three primary colors through the middle prism. In this mode, the three light sources will be simultaneously and continuously projected to the designated Location, so the utilization rate of the light source is much higher than that of DLP projection technology, which is more energy-efficient, and the continuous output image will make the projected image clearer, the color is more saturated, and the restoration ability is strong. Such a projection screen is definitely a good choice for users who need to watch the projection for a long time. However, this technology is not perfect. When the color brightness is consistent with the white brightness, the white brightness will be reduced accordingly. This will not affect the overall reading effect, but it is difficult for large-scale light-proofing. When used in places, it still has certain limitations. Therefore, it is because of our shortcomings that we are encouraged to continue to advance in research and development, so that we can enjoy more convenient products and services. Returning to the essence of the two technologies, for the projectors that use two different technologies, the images displayed are completely different. It is not easy for us to arbitrarily judge who is good and who is not. However, with regard to the performance of the two technologies in different environments, we need to make reasonable use of such differences, balance the distribution of the two technologies and products, and ensure that they are used by us. The international recognition of the new 'color brightness' indicator has also created a very good opportunity for the promotion and development of this indicator. We also hope that through these positive changes, our future projector market can continue to introduce new ones. Let us Have more and better products.
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