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Sense of coming

by:XY Screens     2021-08-30
In a blink of an eye, I have already entered almost a month without knowing it. In this short period of time, I can recall a lot of things. The vision 'make the horizons different' means a lot, and people's enthusiasm... ... I didn't know anything about the projection screen industry as a newcomer. I used to think that projection screens are just plain white cloth and nothing special. But when I came to the company to mention the relevant information and taste, I was a little shocked. I thought, this thing is not simple! There is a certain degree of knowledge, and it involves all aspects of a finished scene. I thought to myself, I have to go to the production side to see what was made when I have time. On May 21, I finally waited for this day, and set foot on the production base with a series of questions in my mind. The first thing I feel when I get there is the enthusiasm of people. Yang Yan helped us arrange the dormitory, get familiar with the surrounding environment, introduce the situation in the factory, and so on. Entering the workshop, I saw a vigorous look. The colleagues worked in their posts and solved the problems in a united manner. We also enthusiastically guide our newcomers and patiently explain the problems we mentioned. Let us quickly get acquainted with the whole process of a screen production: from cutting cloth, spraying oil, sticking the screen, sewing the screen, assembling, debugging, finished product inspection, and packaging. Manager Wu of the technical department trained our newcomers on projection technology. He explained in depth but easy to understand, let me know the coding principles of the finished product, the calculation of the screen size, and several professional terms of the projector: brightness, resolution; projection screen Professional terms: gain, viewing angle, etc. Factory Manager Sun introduced us to the projection screen series, classification, purpose; the types of screens and their respective characteristics. Mr. Yao explained to us how to do business, and every sentence he said made me feel like I need to think, experience, and spend time thinking about it. The quarterly birthday party embodies the unique side of treating people, the bold singing, the soft Tai Chi, the casual dance, and the games, showing people's colorfulness and versatility. Happy time is short, and it is precisely because it is short that it can reflect its value, and we should know how to cherish it. Looking to the future, in the future work, although it will be very difficult and rugged, I firmly believe that I can overcome it with my own efforts. I also believe that I can make some achievements in the projection screen industry. Moving forward together, let the world know; let everyone have it; let the movie theater, home theater can see the figure.
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