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Shaping the Sunshine Mindset

by:XY Screens     2021-09-18
First: Enjoy the process, every day is wonderful. Life is a process, not a result. If you don't enjoy the process, everyone knows what the result will be. Life is a parenthesis, the left parenthesis is birth, and the right parenthesis is death. What we have to do is to fill in the parentheses, use beautiful and colorful things, fill the parentheses in a good mood, and it ends when the parentheses are reached.   There is an ancient city in Yunnan, with a pleasant climate, rich land, and rich products. People live a leisurely life with a slow pace. An English gentleman saw the leisurely life of the people here, and asked an old lady, madam, why is the pace of life of your people here so slow? The old lady said, sir, what is the end result of people? The English gentleman thought for a while and said that it was death. The old lady said, since it is death, what are you doing?   Life is a process, not a result. Some people see it through, others see it through. Learn to experience the process, and some people will find the most annoying place to experience, there will always be a dark side in the world, and when a ray of sunlight is shining from the sky, there will always be places that cannot be illuminated. If your eyes are only in the dark and complain about the darkness of the world, that is your own choice. Competition is cruel, and people have to be happy. We live in the cracks of contradictions. Second: Live in the present English is Live in the present. The true meaning of living in the present comes from Zen. Zen masters know what it is to live in the present. Someone asked a Zen master, what is living in the moment? The Zen master replied that eating is eating and sleeping is sleeping. This is called living in the present.   I now ask everyone, what is the most important thing for you? When is the most important? Who is the most important? Some people will say that the most important things are promotion, wealth, house purchase, and car purchase. The most important people are parents, lovers, and children. The most important time is the college entrance examination, wedding, and defense. Let me tell you, none of these. The most important time is now. This view is called living in the present, and it is directly operable.   For example: a man was chased by a tiger, he ran desperately, and accidentally fell off the cliff, he quickly grabbed a cane and hung his body in the air. He looked up, the tiger was staring at him from above; he looked down, the abyss was waiting for him; he looked in the middle, and suddenly found a ripe strawberry beside the cane. Now this person has four choices: going up, going down, hanging in the air, and eating strawberries. What do you think he does? (Answer: eat strawberries) Yes, he eats strawberries. This is called a bite before dying or a handful before leaving. It is a 58-year-old phenomenon. The mentality of eating strawberries means living in the moment. The only thing you can grasp at the moment is that strawberry, and you are going to eat it. Some people say they are going to die soon, what else to eat? Isn't he still dead? Opportunities appear in the dynamic, maybe the tiger is gone, he can still climb up. If you ask the kindergarten children this question, they will answer without hesitation and eat strawberries. Children are happier than us adults because they live in the present.  To live in the present, you must be satisfied with your current status quo, believe that what happens to you at every moment is the best, and believe that your life is unfolding in the best way. What should I do if I am not satisfied with my current situation? Wouldn't it be enough for you to explain the status quo from another perspective? You complain that the status quo is not good because you have not seen anything worse than you.   Let us shape a sunny mentality and live each day wonderfully and meaningfully. Let’s go!
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