shazam! a projector is shrunk

by:XY Screens     2019-11-16
The state of art of David Boger in November.
Come on, admit it: Is there anything better than a miniature?
The Walkman put a stereo in your pocket and changed the game forever.
Modern digital watches have the computing power of computer equipment in the 1950 s.
Nowadays, people watch TV programs on the ipod on the same size as business cards.
However, this great feat of contraction does not often occur.
So when they do, you sit up and pay attention. -
Because you will see the image projector micro in the first time (Price tag $430. It’s a long-awaited, much-
Rumors about the size of the mobile phone projector: 2 by 4. 1 by 0.
7 inch kilograms, weighing 4 kilograms. 2 ounces.
Pocket Projector?
Are you kidding?
It\'s not just a new product. -
This is a brand new product category.
Of course, ordinary projectors are big, heavy, expensive, and sometimes noisy machines.
They are standard equipment in the company\'s board of directors, in which the PowerPoint jockey swings in the classroom or in the auditorium or is mounted on the ceiling of the home theater where they provide additionallarge movie-
Look kind.
Advertising, but there are a lot of times, a 100-
Inch screen Super kill--and yet a 2-
The iPod screen is not cut.
Those times you need something in.
In this case, a completely silent, simple and ridiculous Micro
A projector like Pico is really great.
Advertising you have to be a tired enthusiast and you really won\'t be impressed when you first open this small and shiny black box.
In the center of the short end, there is a very bright light --emitting-diode lamp.
There\'s a small digital instrument inside. light-processing (D. L. P. )
The chip, in principle, is similar to driving some full chips. size HDTV sets.
Together they made surprisingly bright, clear, vivid video or still images. That’s right --
The projector you took out of your jeans pocket
There is no footnote to that pair of jeans.
Pocket statement, either (
For example, \"does not include huge power bricks \")
Because Pico can be powered by battery.
Each charge lasts about 90 minutes. -
If you use a lower brightness setting, or if you play a video with no sound, the time will be longer.
You can charge the projector through the power cord of the projector or the USB jack of the computer.
The projector comes with spare batteries, and the small lanyard tote bag also comes with spare batteries. A pocket-size, self-
The Contained projector changes all the rules.
Mini IPod-
This is the entire setup.
Now, the tent wall can be a movie screen for the first time when you\'re out camping. (
So much rough machining. )
Now, let\'s be clear: none of the pocket projectors will produce a brightness of 10 times larger than the desktop projector.
Pico management 9 lumens (
That\'s how they measure the brightness of something like a projector)
For example, 2,000 lumens compared to a $900 desktop projector.
This may not sound quite the same, but it is very bright at Pico\'s shorter distance and smaller \"screen\" size.
The minimum distance of this projector is 8 inch from your \"screen;
Maximum 8.
The distance is 5 feet m and at this point you will get 65-inch image.
This is really very, very helpful if you dim the light or use a properly reflected movie screen.
You can sit on this gadget on the plane tray table and project it to the seat in front of you. (Yes, I tried it. )
About 1 feet wide, you will see dazzling, bright, clear, and vivid video images so you and your neighbors can watch them. (
Or shine the projector on the ceiling of the plane. The three-
The film picture at the foot, in a few rows, completely confused everyone;
No one knows where it came from.
I tried it too. It was fun. )
Or you can put the projector on a small tripod. -
It comes with a small screw
Tripod adapter--
Dormitory tonight-
T on the sheet or someone-shirt.
Or you can lie on the bed and keep East West Point straight.
In a dark room, you will play a huge and bright movie on the ceiling.
When the projector faces the screen at a certain angle, there is no key adjustment that needs compensation. The 20,000-
The hourly light bulb cannot be replaced.
Picture resolution is only 480 by 320 pixels--
On paper, it\'s much thicker than 1024. by-768-pixel (or higher)
Resolution of desktop projector.
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But you know what?
Pixels are overvalued.
No one will complain about the sharpness of the Pico image, especially after you have found the right position on its small focus dial.
Overall, Pico did a surprisingly good job.
What can you see on this?
Special composite cable.
At one end, there is a special, tiny audio
Enter the video pin of the projector.
At the other end, you will find three familiarheaded, red-white-
Yellow RCA cable.
These are female jacks, made to pair with the male composite cables that come with almost all DVD players, VCR, consoles, digital cameras and cameras.
So in a pinch, when you use full-
Equipment of the size of a DVD player or console.
But the real task of Pico\'s amazing micromation is to connect with other micro devices.
For example, a digital camera, a mobile phone, an ipod, or an iphone.
The necessary adapter for the IPod or iPhone is provided with the projector.
The old video iPod only needs a short cable in black, which goes into the headphone jack of the iPod, but carries audio and video at the same time.
You can also find a plastic nub at the bottom of the iPhone or the nearest ipod;
The black short cable connects the nub to the projector. (
The projector will produce images only when the video is played.
For example, it does not display the Web browser e-of the iPhone-
Mail programs or other applications--
It\'s a shame for coaches or anyone else who may want to show more than one audience at a time how the iPhone works. )
To connect a digital camera in order to show stills or videos, or to connect a camera, use the composite TV cable that comes with it.
Optoma plans to provide adapter cables for other smartphones in the coming months, starting with a $10 Nokia cable.
The Pico projector has done so well in such a few cases, and a very embarrassing deficiency that comes up with it may sound ungrateful.
But someone must say: what about the sound?
Pico has a built-in
In the speaker, yes, but it\'s about the size of a hydrogen atom.
As the iPod Volume gradually turns full, the volume from Pico is as loud as the volume you usually hear someone sitting next to you leaking from the earbuds.
In other words, the audio of the projector is as bad as the video.
If you\'re using an iPod, iPhone, or phone, the headphone jack is what you want most.
Of course, you can listen through earplugs, although this is not a public experience. (
At least one friend can be invited. )
Or you can connect the headphone jack to the portable speaker-
But now, of course, you already have a more sophisticated gear rack and you\'re way out of the pocket of your jeans.
Even so, the Pico projector is the first of its kind ---other micro-
Projector on the road--
Overall, this is great.
When it goes public in two weeks, it gives parents a fully portable back seat --of-the-
A small cinema for the children.
It will allow photographers to present their work in a larger size and influence than a scrapbook ---
Start with a digital camera if needed.
It will allow stimulationof-the-
No matter where corporate speakers or independent filmmakers are, there is no need to set anything up or book a room.
It\'s an explosion, man.
I like the engineers.
Just wait until they get in the air-
Air conditioning, TiVos and jet engines. E-
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The projector has shrunk.
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