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Since then, the world’s first touch-sensitive interactive projector is launched

by:XY Screens     2021-09-25
On May 29, the world’s first hand-touch interactive projection SMART LightRaiseTM 60wi was launched globally. In the daily operational activities of enterprises and institutions, collaboration processes in the form of meetings, training, discussions, planning, and brainstorming occur almost all the time. The level of collaboration efficiency directly affects the efficiency of corporate operations. However, we are very sorry to see that the current domestic conference rooms still generally use very primitive writing whiteboards and projection screens, which is inefficient and cumbersome for collaboration. Although the writing whiteboard is simple and easy to use, it is not easy to save and distribute after writing, and the trouble of erasing cannot be avoided after writing. Although the combination of projector and screen can present very rich multimedia content, the operation process is not intuitive enough. It is not possible to touch the screen to directly annotate and save the lectures in PPT, PDF and other formats. It is also necessary to use a writing whiteboard as an auxiliary means of collaboration during the meeting. If there are remote participants in the collaboration, an additional set of video conferencing system is needed. This not only requires a lot of investment, but also there are multiple coordination and synchronization between the video conferencing system, the writing whiteboard, and the content displayed on the screen. problem. As the world's leading provider of collaboration solutions, SMART Technologies (NASDAQ: SMT, Toronto Stock Exchange: SMA) officially released a new LightRaise™ 60wi interactive projector product (hereinafter referred to as 60wi), which integrates many functions such as ordinary writing board, projector display, finger touch, etc., and through the industry's acclaimed SMART Bridgit software, remote data conference sharing can be easily realized. First of all, 60wi is a powerful projector with 3000 lumens brightness, 16:10 ratio, 1280x800 resolution native support, 0.36:1 throw ratio to achieve ultra-short throw projection, and only 76.8cm projection distance can project 100 inches Picture, 3400:1 contrast ratio, built-in two 10w speakers, built-in Mic interface and so on. It can be said that 60wi fully meets the needs of most conference rooms for projectors. 60wi has no special requirements on the projected surface-walls, ordinary whiteboards, hard screens or even glass are all fine, as long as the surface is flat. Most importantly, SMART has created a precedent in the entire industry with touch-sensitive interactive projectors. The ordinary plane projected by 60wi can be directly turned into the surface of the interactive whiteboard. Users only need to touch on the plane with their fingers to achieve simultaneous interaction. The same effect as touching on the whiteboard. Not only can you use your fingers to fully control the content of your computer, but you can also use powerful software platforms such as SMART Meeting Pro to achieve rich conference collaboration functions. The features of 60wi are as follows: 1. Adopting DViT technology as the touch technology DViT technology, as SMART's global patented technology, occupies a very important position in the entire large-screen touch field. SMART's touch devices sold worldwide use this technology. Fast response speed, high touch accuracy, and strong anti-interference ability have been proven by the market and users to be one of the best technologies in the large-screen interactive market. 60wi uses DViT technology like other SMART products, which is also the basis for its ability to achieve excellent touch quality. Second, the world's first-finger and special pen can touch the previous interactive projectors are inseparable from the special writing pen, and the technology adopted by 60wi completely breaks through the technical bottleneck, and both fingers and special writing pens can be touched operate. Whether using a dedicated pen or direct operation with your fingers, 60wi can provide users with a perfect experience. Direct finger touch means that anyone can participate in collaboration anytime and anywhere, and a comfortable writing pen is more suitable for a large number of writing operations, and it has both! In addition, users can freely set the use mode of the writing pen and finger according to actual needs, so as to achieve the effect that the SMART software will automatically switch between different functional modes according to the different touch methods! SMART once again leads the industry to a new height! 3. Perfect support for dual-point touch operation 60wi also supports dual-point touch operation. Users can freely choose finger or writing pen, or finger and writing pen to write on the plane at the same time, realizing a series of multi-point touches such as content zooming, rotation, gesture recognition, etc. operate. In Windows 7 and above operating systems, multi-touch can be performed even without installing a driver. 4. Optional XCP module, a USB cable, display and touch control are all done. According to the general situation, if you connect the interactive projector to the computer, you need three different cables-VGA or HDMI, audio cable, USB control Line, very cumbersome. And 60wi innovatively uses DisplayLink technology to convert three cables into a common USB cable. This means that users only need to walk into the meeting room, connect the only USB cable to their laptop, and the display, sound, and touch are all done. This is unique in the interactive projector industry. It can be said that 60wi meets all the needs of display, touch, writing, and interaction in the meeting rooms of enterprises and institutions, and the transformation and upgrading of the original equipment is also very simple-only need to replace the projector, even the original The writing board can realize all the interactive functions without moving it. It is the best choice for the new generation of meeting rooms.
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