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Since you can't catch it, why not give it a ride!

by:XY Screens     2021-08-31
At sunset, the tired bird came home, and the green hills gradually became quiet. Suddenly, a young man ran up to the high hill with a grim face and screamed like a vent. The young man's irritability shocked the Zen master who was meditating not far away. The kind-faced old Zen master slowly walked up to the young man, smiled kindly at him, and started talking with the young man. During the conversation, the old Zen master kept squinting his eyes and smiling while listening to the young man's confession. Young people came from a remote town to this bustling metropolis. After years of hard work and hardship, they finally managed to reach the position of middle management in the company, and they also had a girlfriend who had known each other for a few years. However, now all this is ruined. The boss has to fire him for various reasons. Now he is training new people for the company to replace him, and his life in the company is very depressing every day. And after his girlfriend knew that he would soon lose this lucrative job, she also broke up. The girlfriend's reason is simple, she can't let her future children have a father who can't give them a stable and prosperous life. 'I have been with the boss for 8 years! He let me go! My girlfriend was unaccompanied when she first came to this city. I helped her find a job and took good care of her. , But now she chose to leave at my hardest time!' The young man almost finished his experience hoarsely, his angry eyes burning with raging fire. The elderly Zen master patted the young man's shoulder lightly, and then took his hand to walk on the mountain. The cool mountain breeze gradually calmed the young man's irritable heart. At this time, the old Zen master suddenly stopped and stretched out his hand to catch a piece of floating catkins. The catkins are light and mischievous, slipping away from the Zen master's palm every time. The young man looked at the old Zen master silently, with doubts in his eyes. 'Hehe, I'm old and can't catch these catkins.' After the old Zen master finished speaking, he raised his head to face the young man and said: 'There are so many beautiful and wonderful things in this world, we may not be able to catch them. Since they can’t be caught, it’s better to give them a ride to make them live more wonderfully and elegantly, so that they can find peace and open-mindedness.” After speaking, the old Zen master gently lifted the hand holding the catkins upwards slightly, and the catkins was held by the Zen master’s hand. With such a delivery, flying in the blue sky is even more beautiful. After the old Zen master finished speaking, the young man stood there for a long time. Suddenly, there was a light smile on his face, he bowed deeply to the Zen Master, turned and went down the mountain. After returning to the city, the young man conscientiously taught his work experience to the newcomer who was about to replace him. The boss looked at him, but he did not expect that he would still contribute to the company in this way after he was wronged. Very uncomfortable. When he left the company, the boss held his hand affectionately and said to him: 'I can't help you. I didn't expect you to treat me like this! I also have unspeakable concealment when I fire you. I remember you as a friend. Live, come to me if you have anything to do.' He smiled and said goodbye to his boss, and then strode out of the company's door amidst the nostalgia and gaze of his colleagues in the office. When he finally said goodbye to his girlfriend, he gave her a special gift-a box of rheumatism. The girlfriend had rheumatism, and she rolled her teeth on the bed every time she felt sore. After seeing the gift, the girl almost cried and twitched. After he comforted her, he turned around and left. In the days that followed, he always followed a principle-he cherished the people and fate that he could seize; he would send them off with a smile on the things he could not seize. This kind of mentality has won him the respect of many people, and he has also received more rewards and help from others, and his life has gradually come out of the predicament. Later, he found the monastery where the Zen master was located after many searches, and wanted to thank the old Zen master in person. But what he never expected was that he finally found the Zen master's location, but the old Zen master's disciples told him that the Zen master had passed away. Calculated from time, it happened to be the second day after they met. The disciple also told him that the old Zen master was in very bad physical condition at the time, and he was suffering from diseases all the time. Sometimes the painful sweat was flowing straight, but he was still living with a smile on his face. Although the old Zen master knew that he had few days to come, he still lived a calm and optimistic life. After listening to these, he tried to make his face bloom with a smile, squeezing the tears away from the corner of his eyes with a smile. Only then did he understand that when they met, the old Zen master was enduring the tremendous physical pain in order to get rid of his troubles. At that time, the old Zen master knew that he could not hold his own life, but he had exhausted the last part of his life to give himself a ride, and put his life on the right path. He knocked a few heads to the place where the Zen Master passed away, then smiled and walked down the mountain. The old Zen master used his own life to let him understand a truth: People must always smile, be strong, optimistic, and open-minded. This is the meaning of life. Since you can't catch it, why not send it off.
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