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Sixteen years old, the same season as flowers

by:XY Screens     2021-09-21
Sixteen years old, the same season as flowers. From babbling to the same age as a flower. In sixteen years, he waved his fingers. How many memories are rooted in my heart silently. How many past events have become a fading landscape, I don’t know when it will fade out of memory. The ignorant teenager. Slim. The plain words of the world can no longer describe the beauty of this annual ring. . She came from the snow mountain. At the top of Mount Everest, she overlooked the world. In the turbid world, she is pure and pure, standing proudly in the world. At the forefront of China's reform and opening up, it is a legend in itself to be based in Shenzhen. If it is not for God's love, it is the creator who moved God and let An Ran enter the blooming season. September 9th is a memorable and unforgettable day. September 9 each year, and now September 9. From September 9, 2002, to September 9, 2018, a full sixteen years. In sixteen years, the babbling little boy has become an ignorant boy, and he has a world of his own. In sixteen years, the little girl in her infant has become a slim girl, and she already has her own secret. In sixteen years, from a toddler to the top three in the industry, people have not only their own world, but also their own great achievements. In the past 16 years, people have not only done their own business, but also silently made great contributions to the development of society. The future is not all smooth sailing, but people have no hesitation in their choices. This is the entrepreneurial spirit of people, and it will also become the magic weapon for success in the career. Sixteen years old, the same season as flowers. Believe that people who work together will be on their own way, and they will become more and more brilliant.
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