Small-pitch full-color LED display continues to be popular_full-color LED display manufacturer Huaze

Small-pitch full-color LED display continues to be popular_full-color LED display manufacturer Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-09-12
In recent years, the full-color LED display industry has begun to enter the stage of shuffling and integration. In the past, the vast market promoted the brutal growth of the industry, and almost all companies entering the market have achieved good development results. However, as the market has become saturated and the industry concentration has increased, some companies that were in good shape in the past have gradually been squeezed out to the edge of the market. By 2018, the results of the industry reshuffle have begun to appear-lack of technology, brand competitiveness or market share The development of the company is sluggish, and the strong are always strong, the middle-level enterprises are weak, and the sub-brands are rising. On the other hand, the small-pitch full-color LED display continues to be popular. After nearly two years of price wars in the full-color LED display industry, the ultimate destination is industry integration. The current level of centralization in the LED display industry is still low. Brands with different strengths and different product quality coexist, and there is a lack of companies occupying a dominant market share. This is not a characteristic of a mature industry. Therefore, the industry integration process will continue in the future, and price wars will become one of the manifestations of industry reshuffle, which will promote the further increase of industry concentration. From this point of view, even if the current round of raw material price increases have little impact on LED display manufacturers, as environmental protection supervision continues, the price increase of aluminum foil and other raw materials will eventually affect production costs, and large manufacturers will expand their own funds. , Market, brand and other advantages, it is not ruled out that the low-price strategy will continue to be realized. As mentioned above, the full-color LED display industry is in the integration stage. In addition to the lack of competitiveness facing the crisis, companies with strong comprehensive strength have also seized the opportunity to seek further development. In recent years, product prices have fallen, and sales have increased in response to gross profit margins. Decline became one of the demands. In this process, companies that already have a sense of crisis will strive to make progress, while large companies will develop new strategic layouts to achieve their established goals. Driven by these two, market competition is bound to intensify. In the current full-color LED display industry, the market ownership of small-pitch full-color LED displays is definitely greater than that of the traditional full-color LED display market. From the perspective of the development of small-pitch full-color LED displays entering the commercial display field in recent years , Full-color LED displays are rapidly eroding, occupying part of the market that originally belonged to DLP and LCD. Some people even think that if the current growth rate is maintained, the small-pitch LED display may win 'half of the market' in the future in one fell swoop. . The continued popularity of small-pitch full-color LED displays has accelerated the pace of LED display companies entering the commercial display market. I am afraid that more LED display companies will participate in the future. According to my understanding, the current commercial display market is huge. If software and hardware are combined, China's commercial display market has reached the level of 100 billion. It is expected that the scale of China's commercial display hardware will reach 58.9 billion in 2018, approaching 60 billion.
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