Small-pitch LED display wins unanimous recognition in the indoor high-definition display market_full

Small-pitch LED display wins unanimous recognition in the indoor high-definition display market_full-color LED display manufacturer|Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-09-12
Market demand guides the development direction of enterprises. More and more LED display companies have joined the competition of small-pitch LED displays. In a sense, whoever leads product innovation will win the initiative of the market. right. Therefore, everyone is making constant efforts towards 'the spacing is smaller, then smallerThe prices of small-pitch LED display products are gradually becoming closer to the people, stimulating market demand. As a star product, the small-pitch LED display market continues to ferment, more and more manufacturers enter, and market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Under fierce market competition, price is often a factor that best reflects the degree of competition. In the context of technological progress and market expansion, costs will continue to fall, and product prices will also fall. This is an inevitable trend, as well as A stage that all new things must go through. Experts in the industry believe that cost reduction is an unchanging rule of the game, but the cost is not all. The price reduction of LED displays has been continuous, but in the process of price reduction, there must be technology to support it. If there is no technology, there must be The ability to reduce prices also has an overall price-performance ratio and needs the support of brand value. Because of factors such as technological progress and cost control, the price of small-pitch LED display products is no longer high, but is becoming more and more popular. Therefore, market acceptance and demand are also greatly improved, and the scope of application is becoming more and more extensive. From the public domain (security monitoring center, dispatch command center, information center, studio center, etc.) to the civilian domain. Small-pitch LED displays are not just small-pitch, there are infinite possibilities in the future. According to the current development trend, the author believes that the future development trend of small-pitch LED displays is not limited to LED displays. It may take the express train of the Internet and the Internet of Things and become the carrier of the Internet. Small-pitch products have the advantage of seamless splicing. The size of the product is no longer limited. The greater the possibility of human interaction with the screen. Once this interaction is achieved, and when the interaction becomes more and more frequent, the human The closer you are to people, new ways of communication may be born. When the small-pitch LED display is applied to a large screen, the timely interaction will promote the small-pitch to break through the frame of a simple display, thus giving it richer meaning. Huaze Optoelectronics treats the small-pitch LED display in this way: 'It should not only meet the needs of display, but there should be more possibilities. The reason we have been going down is that it is not only limited to small-pitch LEDs. The concept of the display screen. If you simply display advertisements, LED displays of any specification can be achieved. 'The era of small-pitch LED displays is becoming more and more mature, which also means that the era of intelligence has quietly arrived. The social posture based on intelligence will lead a new round of baptism in the application of technology in the entire society. This kind of baptism is incisively and vividly manifested in major applications such as commodities, technology, and so on. This has already appeared in the current LED display field. The current LED display control system has been used in signal recognition, remote monitoring, and touch display. All aspects have been very obvious. In the current urban traffic, and security monitoring and other fields has already shown its first edge!
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