Smart LED display system brings more convenience to everyone_full color LED display manufacturer|Hua

Smart LED display system brings more convenience to everyone_full color LED display manufacturer|Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-08-31
At present, the commercial applications of LED displays are mainly in long-distance, large-screen outdoor advertising and stage displays. With the increase in the application of LED displays in the indoor commercial field, LED displays with a single attribute and function have become difficult to meet market needs. . Nowadays, informatization, digitization and touch-screen devices are developing rapidly. Digital advertisements in the form of advertising machines and window advertisements need to have more powerful interactive functions in order to satisfy people's further understanding of products. In this regard, compared with LCD screens, LED displays have a particularly obvious interactive disadvantage. If you want to dig deeper into the indoor commercial display market, LED displays must break through this barrier in order to gain wider recognition. The LED display is functionally divided into static LED display and dynamic LED display; static LED display is used to display pictures, text, video and other format content in a single, with the theme of passive acceptance; dynamic LED display, in static LED On the basis of the display screen, it adds interactivity and interest, focusing on user experience. On the evening of April 23, 2018, at the intersection of Lianhua Road, Xinzhou, Shenzhen, Guangdong, two huge LED displays were particularly eye-catching. As long as a pedestrian runs a red light, the roadside LED display will show him his face, and his name, ID number, and time and place of violation will be clear at a glance. It is reported that on May 1st, Shenzhen will officially launch the law enforcement of face-sweeping and fines. Depending on whether the offender rides or implements the zebra crossing, the penalties are divided into different stages. Riding a red light to cross the zebra crossing is fined 100 yuan, and driving (or walking) running a red light to cross the zebra crossing is fined 20 yuan. There are many smart kitchen utensils in the smart kitchen, which can meet the various needs of users. In addition, there are many LED smart devices in the entire smart home room, each of which has unique smart functions, and there is an inductive connection between each other to jointly maintain the smart environment of the entire room. This is a complete set of LED display smart home application conjectures. Of course, users can choose some products they like, and they can also be used perfectly. Business intelligence applications Smart application products can be used in many ways. In addition to home applications, business applications have gradually expanded in recent years, such as outdoor advertising, intelligent transportation, sports events, art, science and education, etc. In terms of outdoor advertising, some media have made bold assumptions that by 2050, outdoor advertising will adopt a virtual presentation mode, and all outdoor advertising information will be completely personalized, addressable, and one-to-one. Machine-to-machine communication replaces machine-to-person communication. All the construction of advertising cooperative merchants, advertising information setting, display mode time and price will be completed by smart machines. The LED smart products in the toilet, toilets, showers, washing machines, and sinks are all humanized designs, and the screens are high-definition smooth and transparent, which can promptly sense the user's body changes and usage needs. The setting of the living room not only looks beautiful and warm, but also has unexpected functions such as smart sofa, smart TV, smart dining table, etc. The smart sofa can automatically move and deform as you wish; the smart TV can switch the viewing mode at will, K song, watch movie, play The game gives you a brand-new high-tech luxury enjoyment; the smart dining table can display the world's food on the LED screen of the desktop, and you can choose a variety of good restaurants. The smart kitchen has a smart LED display range hood, which keeps cooking away from oily fume; the smart rice cooker can monitor the food in the pot to adjust the temperature, and display it on the screen, which is clear at a glance when using it. The research and development of home cloud intelligent applications nowadays makes 'smart' at your fingertips. In people's lives, more and more automated facilities and smart devices are not only convenient and time-saving, but also bring unique experience to users. In terms of home smart applications, there are currently some LED display smart product applications on the market, but they are not ideal enough to meet the needs of the market and users. However, from the perspective of smart applications, the future LED display smart applications It's not impossible that products can be found in the entire family life. In this regard, we followed the trend of the times and made some bold conjectures. When the first ray of sunlight enters the room in the early morning, the transparent LED smart display is your window. It can sense the indoor and outdoor temperature, and then issue instructions to set the air-conditioning temperature to keep the room at a comfortable constant temperature. The current intelligent equipment continues to have an impact on people's daily life and business activities, which has also led manufacturers to start research and development to combine intelligent factors such as facial recognition, somatosensory remote control, and VR with LED displays. The main function of the LED display is to display. At present, people have higher and higher requirements for visual experience, which also promotes continuous innovation in the display function of the LED display.
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