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SNOWHITE '4K Nano' HD Vision and Victor 3D Intelligent Shadow

by:XY Screens     2021-10-01
On July 11, 2012, SNOWHITE '4K Nano' HD Vision and Victor 3D Smart Cinema Experience Event (Wuhan Station) was grandly staged at Wuhan Optics Valley Golden Shield Hotel. The event was divided into two parts: free experience, technical exchange and lottery. . Many media and industry leaders and distributors were invited to participate in the experience meeting. The magnificent brand new 4K nano screen, 3D projection system and smart cinema, as always, have become the most noticeable highlights in this event. The products on display represent the most advanced technology in the field of international projection screens. They are highly praised by professionals and confirmed again. The leading position of the brand in the screen industry. A glimpse of the hot event site, technology sharing and exchanges, shocking the '4Ku00263D' nano high-definition experience
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